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  1. I have to say: I have bought a channel knife. Spherical ice molds. A Lewis bag for goodness sake. But I still don't understand what a barspoon would do for me that I can't already do with my usual stirring implement, a chopstick.

  2. Picked up some Greenall's gin, as it seemed from cursory research like it would be mild enough to not overwhelm the cucumber (and inexpensive). 


    Perhaps I should have done more extensive research, as when I got home and tasted the Greenall's I realized it's beyond mild--it has almost no "ginniness" at all, just a little alcohol burn. I think you could have convinced me it was a midpriced vodka. 


    But I pressed on. Peeled, seeded, and chopped the cuke and soaked it for two days, strained it through doubled cheesecloth.

    The infused gin took on some of that fresh and cool cucumber aroma and flavor. I thought it might have been stronger, given that I had found a couple of slices of the same cuke dropped in a cold glass of water was enough to give the water a nice cucumber cast instantly. Color is, I guess partly cloudy.
    Made a gin and tonic with the infused gin, half a lime, and some Q tonic this evening. It was nice, again had some of that freshness, though the tonic flavor dominated. 
    Still have a pint of the stuff so I'll have to come up with some additional cocktails to try with it. Some St. Germain concoctions sound promising to me.
    Upshot: The process worked, but I would be more excited about the product if I had found a more interesting mild gin to use (alas, the suggested Dorothy Parker was not available at my liquor store). I love drinks with muddled cucumber, and (similar to Kent's thinking) am not sure how this infusion presents any advantages over muddling. I suppose if it is shelf-stable long past growing season, that could be a plus, but I have no idea how well it keeps. 
  3. I've grown some big cucumbers and want to investigate the world of infusions. 

    I think gin sounds better than vodka, but what kind?

    1. a workhorse gin (I like Brokers), because it seems like a neutral choice? (or is there more to consider?)
    2. a cheap gin, because the subtleties of pricier gins will be lost in the process anyway? (or is cheap gin going to taste bad whatever you add?)
    3. Hendricks, because it already leans in the cucumber direction? (or is that redundant?)
    4. some other kind of gin that's not on my radar? Plymouth? Old tom?!

    What do you think?

  4. OK, that settles it - I'm coming to visit.  That skull mug for the Fog Cutter is fantastic, and there are a couple of things on the list (Thunder Child, Jack Ketch) that might fit very well into our growing steampunk cocktail list.


    To return to our scheduled program ... every now and then I just have to break out the tiki mugs and have one of my celebrated (by me) Mai Tais.  I've had a cold this week, so a couple of nights ago was just such an occasion.  I tweaked it a little this time; W&N, Appleton 12, Inner Circle, Curaçao, falernum and orgeat (the last three homemade).  God, that's a nice drink.  Particularly if you're not planning on standing up afterwards.


    Details on the homemade curacao?

  5. I happened to be at a bar where a few of us had a shot that was 50/50 appejack and Cynar.


    It does seem like Cynar is a good candidate for this kind of minimalist investigation, since by itself it has sweet, and bitter, and "vegetal" facets, so it can serve double and triple duty. I've never had Bonal but maybe it fits the project in a similar way.

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  6. Making cocktails is one hobby I have. Another is writing pangrams, which are phrases that include every letter of the alphabet (like "The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.") I've actually published a new original pangram every weekday for many years on my admittedly absurd Daily Pangram blog.


    These hobbies collided recently when I decided to see if I could write cocktail recipes that were themselves pangrams. I thought you all might get a kick out of the results. Here's the list, which actually starts with a viable recipe but quickly goes south from there:


    • Good drink, FYI: just mix up twelve oz. each: limeade, tequila, water, & beer.
    • "Happy Kid": a jigger of aqua vitae, six oz. club soda, lemon twist.
    • Mix gin & strawberry juice. Freeze overnight. Drink up quickly.
    • Mexican tequila, just a dash of key lime bitters, fizzy water. Serve straight up.
    • Galaxy Brew: 1 oz. vodka, 1 oz. tequila, a half-teaspoon lemon juice.
    • "Execrable Cocktail": two oz. ea. OJ, Plymouth gin,Veuve Clicquot, and Fresca.
    • Down a jigger of Sauza tequila, body-check the next person who moves.
    • My version of "Sex on the Beach": 2 oz. tequila, Mtn Dew, pickle juice. No garnish.
    • A gin fizz, w/ tequila, served in a mop bucket: "The Sexy Janitor."
    • Muddle six breakfast patties with soju, freeze in liquid NO2, anchovy garnish.
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