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  1. Hi, As a brand new baker, I'm trying to understand why all the recipes in this book are for two loaves? (Other than that they're delicious.) Is it that the ingredient amounts get too minute to measure? We're a small household, and there's no way we'll go through the bread fast enough to avoid it going terribly stale. Plus I want to bake more often, so that I have more chances to improve my technique before my memories of what worked last time are equally stale. I saw one person on this thread had halved the recipe to only make 1 loaf, but any advice you can offer on how to modify successfully would be hugely helpful. Thanks!
  2. After much hesitation and delay, I'm excited to tackle baking bread. I know I'm going to need help from more experienced bakers, and I don't know any in real life. I'm excited to tap into all the knowledge here!
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