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  1. I have been using this of late. Found it at a local Filipino store and decided to try it. I usually use LKK but am starting to like the Thai Oyster sauce.
  2. Thank you Kim. I look forward to learning and meeting lots of people.
  3. Chips(any brand & flavor) & ice cream. Someone's both at the same time. My favorite chip topping on any ice cream is Cheetos flamin hot chips. Mmmm......
  4. Smithy I do the basics at home nothing too fancy. I never fully went into culinary when I graduated culinary school. I graduated in 2008 just as the recession started. I could not make the jump in careers due to financial responsibilities. My favorites was Yan Can Cook, then Jacque Pepin and finally Julia Child.
  5. Hello my name is Ollie. I live in the SF Bay Area with my wife & 2 cats. I am a graduate of culinary school but am not a practicing chef at the moment. Spent a lot of my childhood in the kitchen and in front of the tv watching cooking shows on PBS. Hope to learn and join in discussion.
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