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  1. I prefer the Lakewood brand of pineapple juice over Dole or other brands.
  2. Both. But if I mix, I try to keep it simple. I hate that I have to travel to Delaware to get my supply though.
  3. My favorite rum by far is Goslings Old Rum. Pricy but worth it.
  4. An introductory series with some American influences would be the PBS series, The Kimchi Chronicles. We enjoyed the story, food and video travelogue aspects of the show. The recipes in the cookbook reflect Korean influences but consider what's available in the USA.
  5. Oh I am jealous Hassouni. I love going to St Michaels. How would you use the rum in a cocktail or straight?
  6. That's a good idea. I will definitely try that out. Last summer I successful made a better version of the berry tea at Wendy's.
  7. I tried to make a citrus ice tea this week. Just with regular black tea and fresh squeezed grapefruit/orange juice. Need to find a decent green tea to do a honey version.
  8. I've taken to simply scanning the reviews to see how fairly I think the individual rating ends up. I discount those "I didn't eat there cuz I hated the under/over priced menu...so I'm giving it all zeros.." type reviews. The overall ratings on many of these types of websites tend to be off kilter IMHO. So I find it impossible to take the number at face value.
  9. Read the reviews on Amazon. They are not kind. I checked ATK and found the review was done in 2010.
  10. Lol my bad. I'll just blame autocorrect on my iPad. But yes, Fine Cooking.
  11. I'm on my third Food Saver in 15 years. I've found they tend to last for about 8 years before the seal function breaks down. My only reason for purchasing this new one is for the pulse vac function.
  12. I was partial to Cooks Illustrated mainly because the recipes were more reliable than other sources but after years, it's not only repetitive but an expensive habit. I dropped the print mag for the website but I think the website will be the next to go simply for the price. I used to follow Southern Living mag, but too many hit or miss recipes follow by lots of "semi homemade" recipes made me lose interest. I just bought a year of Fine Living for my mom, so we shall see.
  13. I have a mix but I haven't cracked open an actual cookbook in years. Many of the recipes can be found online now, so I use a Chrome web clipper tool which clips ANYTHING into Evernote. I have a note book for all of my recipes. I like that you can tag each recipe as you see fit and it keeps the URL address of the page in case you want to go back later. You can definitely import Word and PDF files into Evernote. The only caution is, if you import it as a PDF, your device has to be connected to the internet to "open" the file. I've started avoiding PDFs for that reason. If you have a number of PDFs, I would suggest copying that file into another format before uploading into Evernote. All of this can be done using the free feature of Evernote. It does have a limitation on the number of files you can upload for free, but I've found it to fairly generous. You can always purchase one month of unlimited uploads if you need to upload more than normal.
  14. I would love to try the Genin caramels. Thanks for the link.
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