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  1. I subscribe to several email and Live Bookmark feeds. My favorite is My Colombian Recipes by Erica Dinho. http://www.mycolombianrecipes.com I have subscribed for several years and a few of hers have become standards for us. She gives a short history with each explaining where it comes from. I've found unusual (for the NW Oregon coast) ingredients at Amazon with no problem
  2. In Portland - Apizza Scholls. Better pizza than any I had when I lived in New Haven. Pho Van on SE 82nd for Pho. Jin Wah also on SE 82nd for salt and pepper fried squid and Vietnamese hot & sour soup. Big breakfast? Original Pancake House - just off I5 South - check google for best map.
  3. If you're on US 101 in Northwest Oregon, Grizzly's Tuna and Chips is hard to beat. It's a drive through near the outlet mall. If the weather is okay, there are two picnic tables there. I like fish and chips and this is excellent.
  4. As a kid, we never refrigerated ketchup or mustard. I refrigerate both now once opened - except for a large ketchup that doesn't fit. I refrigerate my vinaigrette if I have fresh ingredients in it, but I usually make it with granulated garlic and onion so it stays out. I make my own mayo, so it's refrigerated. So far no problem with moldy maple syrup. I frequently make syrup from Mapleine, but I don't refrigerate it. We eat pancakes 2-3 times a month so syrup doesn't stay around long enough to mold.
  5. I use Bamix. Bamix has "commercial" models designed for restaurant use.
  6. I do more or less the same. I have an app that gets rid of most of the superfluous stuff - sorry I can't figure out the name of the app. I then put the edited recipe in Dropbox so I have it both on my hard drive and in the cloud. I made a file hierarchy that works for me.
  7. There was always a spot that stuck. CI said it had three layers of teflon, but moderate scrubbing (green pad) to remove grease took the finish down to nearly bare metal. CI says they like it because one lasts six months in their kitchen and it is their go to pan for stir frying. Directions for non-stick pans specify moderate heat. I don't know how CI stir fries, but they are either getting the pan too hot for teflon or not hot enough to stir fry..
  8. I do not expect a good factory edge. I use paper wheels to sharpen my knives and always use a steel.
  9. I did a search and was surprised to find Bamix only mentioned twice. I make mayo weekly and my Bamix is indespensible. I also puree sauces etc. It's great for changing the texture.
  10. I got it from Amazon a year of so ago. Cooks Illustrated recommended the T-Fal professional. It was never non-stick. My spun steel pans work better. I always used medium heat.
  11. Anymore I mostly get recipes from the www. I copy - paste (into Word) - edit - save under my own classifications/folders in Word and Dropbox. If I have a recipe that is appropriate for two classifcations, I do a "save as".
  12. "The Theory and Practice of Good Cooking" by James Beard. First published in 1977, it remains my favorite basic cookbook. We've worn out our first copy and continue to use the second copy. It's far superior to the plethora of "basic" cookbooks that came out 10-15 years ago.
  13. I was an original subscriber to the magazine and enjoyed it for several years. I got tired of the format and had a big hassle with their subscription service. I get the familiar Friday email as well as the inducements. My email service (gmail) allows me to put in filters which send all the inducements directly to trash. The Friday emails occasionally have something of interest.
  14. If you see an ugly old cast iron pan at a garage sale, and you have access to a self cleaning oven you're in business. If it's not warped, run it through a cleaning cycle and you're back to gray metal. Start all over again.
  15. Thanks for the update! A couple of wall ovens are in our future plans.
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