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    Oaxaca Dining

    Just curious if anyone has any updates on how things have shaken out in Oaxaca? I'll be down there in 2 weeks, and will of course report back, but if anyone else has been there recently, I'd like to hear your thoughts. Hal
  2. This is a bit of a re-post but I'll be in Buenos Aires beginning next Saturday (4/16) and then in Salta for 4 days. Any last minute recommendations of interesting eats or other food/wine related to-dos? Hal
  3. Longshoreman's is closed. I think all the staff was let go. The new owners are opening a vegan restaurant that used to be in the U district. Ugh. Hal
  4. I went to Zagi's yesterday. Its not bad, not bad at all. When you walk in there are 4-6 21" pizzas on display and they look good. Slices are very large NYC style slices for $3 - $4 a pop. I had a slice of cheese and then a slice of pepperoni that was just coming out of the oven. The cheese slice was reheated in the oven and I felt like by the time it was done, the crust was just a bit too crisp -- I couldn't fold it in half to jam it in my mouth. Regardless the crust had a good developed flavor (maybe a little bit more rising time would help make it a great crust). The sauce was not overly anything, which is good, just a nice straight tomato sauce. Lots of cheese. The balance is very good and is a definate break from the thick crust, excessive sauce and topping pies that pervade Seattle. The fresher pepperoni slice was not quite as done, and was much better, there was some give in the crust but it still had a crisp character. I talked for a while with the owner Ryon, who is a nice guy and very excited about pizza. He uses imported tomatoes for the sauce, makes the cheese fresh, and lets the crusts rise in the cooler for a prolonged rising time. Their menu also lists salads, soups, subs (on fresh baked bread), pasta, etc.
  5. If Zagi's is the Farmers Market people (and if they're reading this), they need to work on getting their oven a little hotter -- their crust wasn't quite crisp enough. But good pizza nonetheless. I'll be trying this tonight and will post a follow up. Hal
  6. Just out of curiousity, how much is dinner at La Cabana?
  7. I decided to go to Zoe. Their menu seems to have both veg dishes and fish dishes that should do the trick.
  8. Usually I'm a militant onmivore, but this friend is dear to me and they just helped me land a good job so this dinner is to thank them. Hal
  9. We want to take some friends out to dinner to celebrate my getting a new job and their helping that to happen. Normally it wouldn't be a problem to find a place to go, but one of the guests does not eat meat, just fish (yes I know, lets not discuss THAT here). Any recommendations? If we weren't dietarily restricted we'd be going to Lark or Harvest Vine, so that should give you some ideas about budget and kinds of food we like. Hal
  10. I love Pichet and have been going for a few years now. Lately it seems the service has slipped a bit. Is it just me? Was I there on a bad day? Hal
  11. I love the library for cookbooks. I use the library to test out cookbooks before I purchase them Hal
  12. Went there last night. Ohh what a find. Everything was delicious and oh so cheap, and in Wallinford to boot! Apparently they will be adding to their menu in the new year with some French fusion inspired dishes. Hal
  13. I too just went to Via Tribuani. Its good, not great but good. The thing is, if you follow Peter Reinhart's instruction in American Pie you can make pizza that is just as good. Maybe not quite as much char, but still, equally good. We had 4 pies: the margherita, a marinara with anchovies, the Tribunali, and a pepperoni. Many of the meats come from Salumi. I think in time, Tribuani will get better, our service was not great, and their cannoli are terrible. Even more than a good pizza thread, Seattle needs a good cannoli thread. Its no wonder there aren't more cannoli -- us NWers only have access to soggy mealy cannoli, who would buy that?
  14. So does this mean that its preferable to stay in Recoleta than in the Financial District (is this Florida?)? Hal
  15. In referring to Le Marais I only meant to inquire which Barrios in BA are vibrant and have activity going on day and night? Ideally I'd like to stay in a barrio that does not wind up cleared out on the weekends or in a residential area that does not have a broad variety of shops and stores, cafes, bakeries, and bars to explore in easy walking distance. Hal
  16. I'll be in Buenos Aires in April and am starting to plan out my trip. Are there some neighborhoods which are more saturated with good restaurants, street food, and cafes? Since Buenos Aires is the Paris of the Americas, which neighborhood is the Marais of Buenos Aires? Hal
  17. halland

    Fresh Green Olives

    I think the water soak is a good thing. There is a lot of bitterness that gets washed out of the olives by changing the water, it also reduces the chances for spoilage. After 10 days or so, taste an olive and see if its still too bitter; it will get milder in the brine/vinegar solution so take that into consideration. Hal
  18. halland

    Truffle Oil

    I just bought a bottle of white truffle oil, and while it wasn't terribly expensive I don't want to waste any of it. Does it loose its potentcy over time? How long do I have to use it up? Edited addition: I got this oil at Far West Fungi in the San Fran Ferry Plaza building. It tasted good so I bought it. Hal
  19. halland

    Dinner! 2004

    Pizza in 6 Courses Ok, there are only 4 photos here, but the pizzas were: Marinara Margherita Caramelized Onion and Ricotta Salata Pepperoni (no photo) Watercress with Pancetta and Ricotta Salata Margherita (no photo) Hal
  20. halland

    Apple Cake

    There was recently a NY Times recipe for an apple cake that looked very good. Its from Scott Carlsberg of Lampreia. Also I have a good recipe for an apple pudding that gets a warm vanilla sauce poured over it. Very olde Americana. I'd be happy to post either recipe. Hal
  21. Dave, Are you planning to put a bookcase on the back of that worktable? Either way, an oversized top would allow you to park some stools on the back side, somewhere for your adoring fans to sit and watch you work. Hal
  22. If you've got to get a new fridge, look at LG. Some friends had to replace their fridge and got a smaller LG that works perfectly in their small kitchen. Hal
  23. Everything fifi said is perfect, took the works away from me. Smoked salmon is good added to a BLT. Mix with the cream cheese in a food processor to make a good bagel schmear. Eat it with your fingers right off the plate out of the fridge at 2AM. Hal
  24. I just posted about how this is nothing more than marketing hype and aggrandizing this on the other thread. Hal
  25. If you really plow through the text on the c-r-n.com website, you see why many of our favorites are not listed. How many of your favorite chinese restaurants have been in business for more than 3 years? Ok then of those, how many have been the recipient of 2 awards of local dining excellence? This contest is about CRN selling ad slicks promoting the restaurants they've identified as the top 100. UP the page a bit in the Q&A they state: and elsewhere they state Don't be fooled by this marketing hype. Instead let all the CRN subscribers support each other, while we eGulleters enjoy delicious Chinese at our favorites. Hal
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