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  1. The next version of Anova Remote might have what you are looking for...
  2. Ability to take add own notes under each cut/protein/veg. That is a very useful function in SV apps I have used. @Rotuts: I have got the hacker special, as mentioned. I hope that we'll be able to best test the Anova app too.
  3. I think the main aim of the app should be to make it easy for novices to cook different kinds of proteins and cuts to their taste. Another possible objective of the app could be to showcase some of the more advanced features the new Anova will allow. In my experience, what most people are really uncertain about in the beginning is for how long and at what temperature they should cook something. The perfect app should have the Modernist Cuisine tables built-in with timer based on the thickness (for tender meats). That is more or less exactly the app you show in the Kickstarter video. I hope you will use the doneness similar Modernist Cuisine and not some very high and conservative, old FDA temperatures! I also hope the times in the app will be "best estimate" and not overly conservative. People don't like overcooked food or excessive cooking times. That said, people to like to get foodborne illness either. New users might wonder what is safe to do, or they might not be aware of what is unsafe practice. Users should therefore be warned it they try to cook something more than four hours below 54C for instance. Maybe the unit could even send a warning that it has operated for more than four hours at a temperature below 54C? Maybe it could have a main setting for immuno-compromised people that will only display "pasteurized options"? And/or an option to "cook to pasteurize core" when one selects doneness. Again, I hope it will not give overly conservative. In that case, it is better with a main user setting for "best estimate" or "conservative" mode. Feature: Estimated internal temperature would be a cool feature! Select cooking times for eggs by weight. Advanced features: Multistage cooking for advanced users. Circulate only mode - without heating. Wish: A plastic Anova calipers to use with the app. --- Do you know about when the (international) Hacker Specials will be shipped? Will the Hackers be able to beta test the Anova app?
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