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  1. I can also prepare it instead of ordering food from unknown brand, thanks a lot Jennifer. Anyway, I found interesting recipes on Delices Gourmandises blog, this one for example http://delicesandgourmandise.blog.co.uk/2014/07/28/delices-gourmandises-chili-con-carne-18983262/ I love that spicy dish. I was looking for Lamb Moussaka recipe but didn't find any. I should have prepare it myself, don't you think Mjx?
  2. I've been hearing good remarks about Yalla Yalla but it is always busy people said. is it really the case? My daughter and her husband will be back from New York next saturday, we use to go to the restaurant once they come in the Uk,maybe we will give a first try at Konaki. I didn't expect there are companies who are still working on mail order, my wife was addicted to this kind of process at her time unfortunately she is not there.I'd be grateful if you can remember me the process Jennifer.
  3. Some cravings for Lamb Moussaka, any recommendations of the best supplier in London?
  4. Hi, I'm Léo, I live in London, 40 years old , International cuisine lover!
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