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  1. I think this marks the first time that I've heard of someone being denied at The French Laundry. You get the impression--from all of the incredible stories and press--that Thomas could whip up just about anything at a moment's notice. He's got to be the best chef out there with respect to pleasing the customer. I wonder what happened. God, that guy must be under enormous pressure to perform.
  2. our lips are sealed beet juice! On advice from the devil on my shoulder I'm going to refrain from gratuitous self-aggrandizement. Let's just say there's an easy way to get some chef's e-mail addresses. Ooops! Good luck.
  3. Thank God. I've got me one of those kwel pins too. Ate there last December... It's sitting on my 'FL' shrine along with pics from the kitchen with T. Keller and in front of Bouchon. I love their modern art deco thing. It's part of the surreal charm of the place....
  4. If you guys can keep a secret I'll tell you how to score reservations at the French Laundry without lifting your fingers to the phone. It's so obvious, I can't see why nobody has thought of it...
  5. Being a Memphian--a hostage situation for sure--I know that the touristy thing to do is hit The Rendezvous. But you'd be better served by avoiding that place. Dry ribs are good, and they're seasoning is first rate but, as a pure experience The Rendezvous ranks up there with Planet Hollywood. Go to Interstate or Three Little Pigs. If you don't mind dodging incoming rounds then that's the way to go. Barbeque is best eaten in hole in the walls, not ampitheaters.....
  6. oh my jesus, are you picking at hairs or what...
  7. In Japan I tried Bonito Flake/Sweet Potato chips. They taste just like you'd imagine.
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