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  1. I like Bon Appetit magazine. It has got some great recipes for fabulous food, fine wine and fun entertaining. I think it's the best book for a food lover. The recipes described here are simple and uncomplicated.
  2. The New Zealand restaurants you shouldn't miss are- 1. Coco's Cantina 2. Grove 3. Depot 4. Black Barn Bistro 5. Logan Brown 6. Amisfield
  3. Best restaurants in New Orleans are- 1. Commander's palace 2. The joint 3. Brightsen's Restaurant 4. Bayona 5. GW Fins 6. August
  4. Chocolates are made up of plant. So definitely it contains ingredients which are beneficial for our health. Dark chocolate contains a large no of antioxidants which protect body from aging. Another benefits are that a dark chocolate lowers your blood pressure, lowers cholesterol. Chocolates contain serotonin which act as anti depressant.
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