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  1. I recently made the Neapolitan Pizza dough recipe. I only have an old cuisinart food processor and followed the directions for using a stand mixer and used my dough blade attachment. For the first duration of 'kneading' the dough seemed perfect and pulled away from the sides. Then I waited for the 5 minute interval and 'kneaded' again for the time given. It ended up a gooey mess and killed the motor on my cuisinart. Is there a rule of thumb for time to knead using a stand mixer with a dough hook vs. using a Food Processor (with only one speed BTW) ? Also on the market for a new Food Processor if you care to comment on your faves. I am eyeing the Breville Sous Chef. TIA!
  2. I prepared these two recipes as written. They turned out very flavorfully but both had a lot of oil at the top. I prepared the marinara for pizza topping and the confit for the pizza with broccoli raab. I ended up pouring out the top layer of oil which was a pretty large quantitiy. Is the oil supposed to be absorbed into the ingredients, included as part of the topping or poured off separately?
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