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  1. How about roasted eggplant or pablanos; spiced paneer; and spinach. They would be my first choices. But you can certainly go even more way out with toppings like garbanzo beans, potatoes and roasted corn (think bhutta).
  2. Is there one ingredient that is fine for restaurant kitchens but should be avoided by home cooks -- either because it is too expensive to do it justice at home or because it requires techniques that are just not suited to home kitchens?
  3. What a great idea. I usually work Sundays but might be able to get the day off. Would certainly love to try.
  4. Kobicook

    Dinner! 2003

    Pan-seared duck breasts with caramalized orange sauce Black-eyed pea fritters salad
  5. Vengroff, I didn't ask about boar. Mike, the guy behind the counter said what they carry varies by day. Let me know if they do. Would love to play Astrix and try it.
  6. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! chocolate covered cherries come second only to yuke in my book! Perhaps there's a distinction to be made between cherry cordials and mere chocolate covered cherries. Kill 'em all. YEAH! And add to that ANYTHNG with artificial cherry flavor. Canned spinach. Chocolate-and-mint anything. YUCK! Skim milk. Why bother? Puffy white bread that sticks to the roof of the mouth. Cooks who turn suid to rubber.
  7. As promised, we ventured out to Springfield to find the butcher. It IS the place Vengroff found. Pretty cool. Good looking meats. They had some game. I bought 2 lbs. venison backstrap and a couple of duck breasts. I KNOW. Duck is not game! I haven't cooked the venison yet but plan to this weekend. The guys that work there were very friendly and helpful. So get on out there people. We foodies must support our neighborhood shops so that all the world doesn't become a Safeway.
  8. Thanks, Vengroff. I will head there Friday. Can't wait.
  9. Avacados. I used to LOVE them but can't even handle a taste now. Possibly because the last time I tried them, they were supplied by the most vile person alive.
  10. Saycheese, Where IS the Springfield Butcher? PLEASE share.
  11. I simmer my corned beef but always add extra pickling spice to it. Anyone else? Jaymes, preferred mustards?
  12. Oh I so miss them from my days in Detroit. I used to work the night shift at The News and we'd send someone out at midnight to bring back the first batch. Mmmmmm!
  13. Kobicook

    Dinner! 2003

    Sunday supper Asparagus salad with Serrano ham, blue cheese and a sherry vinaigrette Arrossejat de Fideus amb Llagosta -- a Catalan dish of sautéed pasta with lobster. YUM! Finished with Ben & Jerry's Cheery Garcia frozen yougurt.
  14. Anna Maria. It serves tradional regional food. Address: Via Belle Arti, 17/a Bologna 40126 Phone: 39 051266894 Call ahead and have the tortellini.
  15. Jinmyo, Thanks. I didn't know. Can I delete part of it? [see your original message above.]
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