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  1. I've tried it, though not with the fish spice mix. I love the texture My sous vide setup is a steamer insert propped over a very old crockpot. I'd post a picture if I knew how. It's worth a laugh. Works if I'm not too picky about temperature fluctuations; I control it by taking the lid off or throwing in an ice cube.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Actually, I used homemade chicken stock, but vegetable would have been better. And now I think about it, that baking soda has been there a while. I will try again.
  3. Yes, I am weighing on a Salter. Not the most sensitive, I know. So I take it that the baking soda is intended to stay? This is the one from MC@H, by the way.
  4. I've made Caramelized carrot soup a couple of times. It was very good, though not very caramelized. Last night I tried the cauliflower soup, which did caramelize, and it was not very good. It was bitter and mushy. I'm guessing that the baking soda should be omitted and the cooking time reduced a bit. It smelled wonderful at about the ten minute mark, then smelled burned, though it wasn't.
  5. Some of the posts on Caramelized Carrot Soup mention that amounts seem to be off, and one mentions an errata sheet, unnecessary for the second printing. I just received my copy of MCAH (a Christmas present), and it is the first printing. Where can I find the errata sheet for the first printing? I am eager to try some of the simpler recipes.
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