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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood! We are next door in Oakland. We tend to head south and east in general when looking for food and drink - mostly because we have family in that direction. Sorry I am not more familiar with the north and west towards you. Friends have told me that the carib food at Hansil's on 202 in Oakland can be good esp with a big group but I have never been there. We enjoy Cafe Amore in Oakland for pizza and BYO when we can't get to A Mano in Ridgewood. Tommy has noted and I agree that the burger up at Mason Jar is quite OK and the beer is cold, but the BBQ is not on par with yours. (Bailey's BTW catered my mother-in-law's 65th birthday party a few weeks ago - you were the biggest hit at the party. The leftovers were to die for - the boy fell in love with pulled pork omelets) Will ping the bride and come back with anything else we can think of. Bill
  2. I travel a lot and am enjoying the Vino Volo chain. Can get a decent glass of wine and a small plate of food at a decent-for-airport prices and it isn't a fried this or that plate with a warm beer. BN
  3. I just found out that I need to host a business dinner in the Center City area on Monday night for 11-12 people. Can anyone suggest a suitable place? It is a Man dinner - steaks are good, big fish same. Please - any ideas are welcome. Thanks Bill
  4. Went on Sun July 1. Spoke with Gary - over 1000 lbs of meat sold on Sun and I was there at 5:30. They were out of everything but sausage and chicken. We called in the Family Feast and went to pick it up and take it home. The place was kind of zoo-y but hey that's because people love good q. Was a little disappointed to find out that instead of slaw they put in greens and there were no ribs and tips. I'll sort it out with them later. No big. What did come home with me was excellent - chicken, wings and pork were all top notch. My 8-yo son said "Hey, this is pretty good." High praise from someone who has not had either chicken fingers or a hamburger pass his lips in as long as we've known him. Bill PS Ratatouille is playing at the Lafayette Theater in Suffern. The Nugent clan went last night. Great food movie. Great movie period - made better by watching it in a movie palace with the Mighty Hammond Organ playing before the the show and the "Let's all go to the lobby..." promo sung by the kids as they walk out afterwards. The Lafayette is a great alternative to a shoe box sized auditorium in the local Loews goolgeplex and well worth preserving and supporting. Please keep it in mind when you are heading out to see a show. The spring and fall Saturday morning classic film festivals are fun too. Two years ago they showed the original Willie Wonka with Gene Wilder and handed out Wonka Bars and had the bubble machines going during the fizzy lifting drinks scene. A great place!
  5. Bill: Under normal circumstances this would be totally doable, but this coming Saturday we have a wedding booked and will be closed to the public. So sorry. I hope you won't hold this against us and come back another time. This time of year we have a lot of Saturday weddings since we're attached to the Bed & Breakfast and folks will literally rent out the whole place. May and June and September is "Wedding Season" when one has a lovely outdoor courtyard and the capability of catering a fabulous meal in said lovely space. ← I can <barely> fit into my tux. We can talk our way in... Oh well. I am open to other suggestions. The company ponied up for the Rittenhouse Hotel, so as long as they're buying I am pretty much game for anything. If anyone has any ideas, please PM me.
  6. I will be back in Philadelphia on Saturday for the naming of our next tanker down at Aker Shipyards. My wife is meeting me there and I promised to take her somewhere nice for a cocktail. (I owe her diamonds after she has had to live with my travel schedule this month - Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Korea, China, Korea, Philadelphia (saturday), back to Korea (tuesday)) This place looks wonderful. Is it somewhere where we can stop off for some cocktails and little plates of goodies at the bar? We would probably get there around 8 or so. Is this doable? Thanks, Bill
  7. Bride and I were there on Saturday night. Very nice meal. Pretty presentations. Service was good but not great. Breqads were lackluster - have had better there in the past. She: mixed greens salad, foie gras, tuna, <I forget>, creme brulee Me: duck salad (good), mushroom risotto (excellent), seafood crepe (very good), stuffed pork tenderloin (a little overcooked), sorbet All were very tasty We were in the front room whereas we usually sit at one of the quieter and more private little window tables - maybe that took a little luster off. A very enjoyable evening overall Bill
  8. I am fortunately not in charge of this shindig, I am only trying to help those who are because they are in a pinch. As is usually the case, this whole exercise has blossomed from a small gathering to "You think we need circus performers?" These are all excellent suggestions. I will pass them on to those with the checkbook and see what they can do. I on the other hand will sit at Monk's and have a draft Chimay and a plate of frites and not worry too much about it. Thanks to you all, Bill
  9. My company is involved in a large industrial construction project in Philadelphia. Much to my delight, I drive down from Northern NJ about once a week and work with great people and get to enjoy the sights and sounds a great city. (So great in fact that my children, who joined me for a few days this month when it was 102F and there was a pool at the hotel and not at our house, have declared "we could live here," declared everything at Monk's "our favorite...Why is Dad ordering another beer?" and the Terminal market as "awesome." High praise from a 9yo and 7yo.) In November we are going to finish this project and intend to invite about 50 people for a pre-closing dinner and then have a closing reception for about 300 the following day. We have hired an event planner to assist us in organizing this effort (imagine Martin Short's character in Father of the Bride) The spaces we have seen, and which should remain nameless, haven't been particularly special. The intent for the dinner is a sit-down dinner with a few short speeches in a high end restaurant or space with top notch catering. The reception will be attended by visiting dignitaries and industry types and we are looking for something uniquely "Philadelphia." We are speaking with the Museum of Art and with the Seaport Museum. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions/recommendations? (Please note that my suggestion to split up the party and send them to opposing corners of 9th and Passyunk and let them declare their preference was roundly rejected by the CEO.) As always, many thanks. Bill
  10. Much to my dismay, Amazing Hot Dog has no Sunday hours. Too bad, because I cannot think of anything I would like more after a baseball game. (Eric & Matt - please reconsider - at least for the summer.) The family spent yesterday afternoon with my son's cub scout troop at Montclair State in Yogi Berra Stadium. After the Mighty New Jersey Jackals trounced a team of hard working and well meaning Independent League visitors, we drove sadly past a closed AHD and continued south to Pal's. Based on discussions here, bride and I stuck to the burgers and onion rings. My love, who is not a great burger fan, said and I quote "Wow, this is a really good burger...." to which I was obliged to reply "Hamburgers. The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast. mmmmmm.... this IS a tasty burger." She didn't get the pop reference. Juicy, perfectly cooked and well salted. Wished it was a Martin's bun. Good cheddar and thick bacon on mine. Onion rings which were outstanding - only her homemade are better. (Pal's fries were awful, btw)
  11. I am spending an awful lot of time in Philadelphia lately and will be most of the summer. Can anyone offer some suggestions for outdoor dining? Places to sit and have a burger and a beer and watch the people go by or finer dining... (I am in no way suggesting that a burger and beer is not fine dining - burgers and beer go together, well, ... like burgers and beer.) Many thanks. Bill
  12. For those that did not see, the restaurant recd a Very Good from David Corcoran on Sunday NYT Review - registration required
  13. Anyone been lately? The bride is taking me out for my birthday.... Thanks, Bill
  14. Not particularly close to Westwood but MY HOUSE. French toast made from brioche from Balthazar, egg, a holstein's worth of milk and butter and cinammon, topped with good maple syrup and more butter and thick cut bacon from the Swiss Pork Store on the side. Stop by any holiday and it is what's on the table.
  15. Is there a sit-down area? or is it take-out?
  16. I did and I left it in my pants pocket when they went through the wash. The key chain made it through the wash just fine. My flimsy excuse that I was late coming home "because of traffic" did not fare so well.
  17. A: Please do not take offense at my comment about the location of the Swiss Pork Store. I genuinely was just trying to be light-hearted - if I missed the mark, I apologize profusely. The Swiss Pork Store is an equal-opportunity treasure. Regardless of anyone's faith, creed, age, or right- or left-handedness, they should visit the store. It is a throwback to an era where small family shops were the norm, everyone knew the butcher and when people asked "how are you?" and wanted to know the honest answer. Again, my deepest apologies. Bill
  18. Here he goes again - veering off topic... I LOVE the Swiss Pork Store. The meats and sausages are great. They always have the little "peanut" franks to give to the kids. Their thick cut bacon makes every Christmas morning special. The thing I like best about it though is the way the fellows in there always welcome you, make sure you get what you want/need and then scratch out your order and tally it with a stub of a pencil on a brown paper bag. A pork store has to be pretty good to be around so long in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood.
  19. As predicted, went to Bottle King on our way over - picked up one of each. Brought the Tosca in. Good drinkin' wine. We sit down and some knucklehead who is always ranting about being able to get a glass of Prosecco wanders over and brings a bottle of same to us. Tommy, Mrs. Tommy, Rosie and Mr. Rosie are a table away - looking well sated. Tom - the wine made a wonderful evening that much better. Thank you for your advice and your gracious gift. Rosie and Lowell, the joy and larger pant sizes that eGullet has given my wife and I come from you two. Thank you for supporting this wonderful forum. My wife and I struggled to remember how we first came across eGullet and could not remember but we both agreed our taste buds are better off for it. The Meal: Way too much food, all of it outstanding. The homemade potato chips are mildly addictive - I am having withdrawal symptoms as I try to type this. My wife had the ceasar salad with mozz hush puppies and the lamb four ways - could not decide which of the four ways she liked more. I had the shrimp and grits and barbecue ribs special. (Home-hickory smoked ribs, sauce on the side, mac and cheese, collard greens). It is nice how they temper the butter and cheese with a dash of macaroni - really really good. The ribs were perfectly smoked - pink and tender inside and crusty on the outside. For dessert, we had lemon pie in a homemade graham cracker crust with a berry topping. FANTASTIC. Just the right mix of sweet and tart. Very good hot cup of coffee. It really was too much food - we took half home - we managed the whole piece of pie, however, fighting for the last bite. The prices were extremely reasonable - really too low for the very high quality of the food and the very large portions (did I mention yet that the portions are very large?). Tommy & Rosie - thank you again.
  20. Heading over at 7:30 Saturday with the beloved. Anyone care to offer up a wine pairing from here? My sophistication with wine (and most other things) veers towards Night Train and Thunderbird (What's the action? Satisfaction. What's the price? Never more than a dollar twice. Thunderbird.)
  21. Stopped by on Saturday on my way home. The place was packed. The Amazing with kraut and mustard was, well, Amazing. The fries were perfect. I asked for and received some mayo for dipping - delish. Best of luck, guys. AHD is a great place. VINCENT But you know what they put on french fries in Holland instead of ketchup? JULES What? VINCENT Mayonnaise. JULES Goddamn! VINCENT I seen 'em do it. And I don't mean a little bit on the side of the plate, they fuckin' drown 'em in it.
  22. I am a Naval Architect (ship designer) so I always head for the often-overlooked bar to look at the ship models and maritime memorabilia. A seat at the bar, a pan roast and a good glass of wine or a beer and everything, I mean EVERYTHING is better in my world. It is one of my very favorite things to do in New York. (A martini at the New York Yacht Club is pretty darn good too, but I have to wait until I am invited.) Give me oysters and beer for dinner every day of the year and I'll be fine, I'll be fine. -J. Buffett.
  23. I'm sorry if I missed the info elsewhere, but what time is closing time? Need to know if I can swing by after working late. It is sort of, but not really, on the way home from work. I drive by Johnny & Hange's every night for sure and Hot Grill sometimes. My beloved bride has managed from the shirt stains to identify most of the chili sauces in and around the tristate area. I need a new joint that will make her have to call in the detectives from CSI. (Chili Sauce Investigations)
  24. Sounds great and not too far from home. Is it family oriented or more grown up?
  25. The store is called the "Plastic Bag Outlet Store." There is an outlet store for everything. My bride reports that the gloves came in a 100 count box for "next to nothing." She is and the children in my daughter's third grade class are enternally grateful. I love you guys.
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