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  1. Hello! I tried to make sense of the correction/clarifications on the Goan Curry recipee, but it didn´t even sound close to the recipee i got in the German version of MC under the name "Currysauce nach Goa-Art" (5 - 95). Question 1) In step 4 all the spices are added to the tomato, ghee, onions mixture "sauteing until they start to smell" In step 5 everything gets in the oven, roasted for 10 minutes with 170C° "until they start to smell" In step 6 everything is grinded in a coffee grinder or a Mixer --> Looks like step 4 is wrong and should be done like in the other recipees after step 5 (roasting the spices) and step 6 (grinding the roasted spices)? Putting an Onion-Tomato-Spice Mixture into a coffee grinder in step 6 would destroy it. Why roasting the Onion-Tomato-Spice Mixture again in the oven in step 5? So it is a mistake in the sequence, isn´t it? Question 2: One ingredient is cane vinegar. So, the only cane vinegar i could find so far is a mixture of 50% water and 50% cane vinegar, resulting in 5% acidity. Is that the vinegar which should be used for the recipee? Question 3, linked to question 2) My recipee doesnot demand water whatsoever. Is that explained by the usage of pure vinegar, which should be watered down? "On pages 5·95 and 6·224, the recipe for Goan Curry Sauce should call for 250 g of water with a scaling of 208%. This should be placed just above cane vinegar. For more corrections to this recipe on page 6·224 only, click here. On page 5·95, in the recipe for Goan Curry Sauce, ‚“see page 2·424? should read ‚“see page 3·290.” Thank you for all your help! Best regards octabeer
  2. Hello! The fotography of Modernist cuisine is so beautiful and i would love to hang some of the pictures in my kitchen. Would it be possible to offer a big selection of the pictures as a digital version in high resolution in the shop? So it would be possible to buy them and print them in what ever form. best regards octabeer
  3. Hello! Will there be any reprints? Is there another possibilities to get pictures of the book in high resolution? I would like to have them in my kitchen, but i don´t want to cut my 400 euro book in pieces...
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