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  1. Hi. Someone knows the difference between ice and ice crystal? When we frozen foods, we have a formation of ice (water molecule in a hexagonal form), so what is ice crystal? Thanks.
  2. Hello. Someone can help me to understand this: why humidity helps to keep food moisture. My understanding is if I have 100% relative humidity, there will be no evaporation from the food, so we keep the moisture. Is that correct? Thanks, Alberto.
  3. Hello. Thanks for the tip. I've just done a cross rib for 48 hours. I sealed and pout in boiling water for 2 minutes. The smell was OK. But I don't know if it happens to you. Every time when I cook for long period, the meat has a strong taste and I don't know what it is. Thanks again.
  4. Hello. Cooking a meat in a sous vide supreme for more than 12 hours, when i open the lid a feel an odd smell. Does it make sense? There is no leaking. I taste the water and it was fine. Where does this smell come from? I don't know about the meat because it is still in a cooking process, but i read a lot of comments about this on internet. Thanks.
  5. Hi guys. I have a question concerning Crockpot and baking. Are they the same? Both have wet and dry bulb temperature? The low level of a crockpot is about 90 Celsius. If I put the same piece of meat in the oven with the same temperature, would I get the same result? The only difference I can see is the internal volume much smaller in the crockpot which can have more humidity. Many thanks.
  6. Hi all!!! I think the problem was the burner too high, in medium instead of very low, as LFMichaud posted. I redid it using the same proportion of water used in the carrot soup and it was fine this time. I will re-try without water. I don't know why they didn't put the percentage in variation of the soup and puree recipes. Thanks you for the help.
  7. I sent an email to them and the 28 minutes is correct. I put 500g as well. I wil try again but this time I will do 5 min at a time and i will add 1 tablespoon of water. I realease the pressure as soon as the time was done! Could be the type of the bananas. Not water enough. I let you know when I retry it. Thanks
  8. Hello!! I tried the Pressure caramelized banana but it was a disaster!!!! It burned and took me a while to clean the pressure cooker. What I realized is that 28minutes cooking is too much!! I could not find any correction for this on the web site. Someone have tried it with successful result? Thanks, Alberto.
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