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  1. So, in trying to do the mussel spheres, as influenced by Ferran Adria, I had a great success in encapsulating a mussel inside a sphere of mussel liquid. Where I had trouble was in then heating the sphere. When I put it in approximately 60 degree water, it started to wilt, leak and die. Very sad. I've had similar issues with other heated alginate spheres, and when I read in MC that they can be heated to 85 C with good effect, I am completely stumped. What am I doing wrong here? Any suggestions?
  2. I posted this at egullet, and while a few people concurred with my argument, there was no response from the MC team, something which I feel would be both helpful to me and to them. Thus, I will repost here and hope to find some information: Followed up by:
  3. So, I am pretty comfortable, and experienced, with many hydrocolloids, spherifacation etc, but I have never had anything but problems with gellan gum. I've tried numerous recipes from MC and from El Bulli, and the problem is always the same. Everything looks good until the gellan/liquid comes to a boil, then it immediately starts to clump and get disgusting. What, exactly, is going on, and how can I avoid it?
  4. So, I've been making my stocks in the pressure cooker, and they are great, but I have one, serious, problem. The stocks come out very clear. Almost consomme like when hot. However, if I add any acidic ingredient to the stocks in saucemaking, they immediately turn very cloudy. I don't remember this happening with traditionally cooked stocks. Any ideas here, guys?
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