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  1. Regarding the recent e-coli outbreak on Long Island that caused the closure of at least 8 units and maybe more.....

    Taco Bell may or may not being getting a bad rap here. The investigation is still ongoing as to the cause of the e-coli outbreak.

    However, when 8 restaurants are closed because of an outbreak, something much larger is actually happening.

    Should fast food establishments put more emphasis in the quality of their products over being cheap and fast? Or is being cheap and fast putting Taco's Bell's food items at a higher risk of exposure to harmful bacteria's?

    Just wondering....



  2. Admin: Cross-posted threads consolidated here.

    The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commision has randomly begun raiding bars in the Dallas area, and arresting bar patrons, servers, bartenders, bar owners, and bar managers for overserving their customers.

    Here's the story:

    Drinking in Texas Bars

    Public intoxication in Texas .08, or roughly two drinks for the average person.

    Texas Public Intoxication Laws (.08)

    This is bad news for anyone who owns a bar or restaurant in Texas that serves alcohol.

    First, bartenders and servers are trained to identify obvious causes of drunkeness, but they don't carry breathalizers to find out accurately how drunk their patrons really are.

    Second, if bar patrons, servers, bartenders, bar owners and bar managers can be arrested on the spot for overserving, who in the hell would want to work or own a bar, and who in the hell would ever want to go out to party?

    Lastly, it doesn't matter if you have a designated driver, either. If you are .08 or better, and have a designated driver, you're still going to get arrested.

    This is law in Texas. If you don't like the law, you throw out the damn bums who put such rules into place!

    Two things are going to happen if this is allowed to continue:

    1. Bars will go out of business because nobody will want to go out.

    2. Nobody will want to work in the business because the threat of getting arrested could happen at any time.

    This is a terrible, terrible policy in Texas, and it's a law that should get changed!



  3. Ok.... this is a little pet-peeve I have with waitstaff uniforms.

    Being a restaurant pro that I am, I have to be real honest about our waitstaff's uniforms.

    Don't customers notice when a waiter or waitress comes to work in a uniform that is either dirty, smelly or wrinkled?

    I know this doesn't affect the food, but doesn't this speak volumes about the organization of the person wearing this uniform?

    .........just fielding my thoughts to intelligent observers......



  4. So many aspiring culinarians! It's good to see! I've really enjoyed what I've read on this thread....

    Now, for the big reality check here.

    I've been in the restaurant business for 27 years. I started when I was 11 years old as a busboy / dishwasher. Yes, I was illegal, but who really cared in 1981 America.

    I then went on to culinary school, then after that got my BA from Indiana University. I never let the education part escape me.

    Today, I consult restaurant people and aspiring ones alike. I help them save them from failure for the most part. But, I give helpful advice in all areas of the industry, including education.

    Here's what I want to say with some 'EMPHASIS' - If you really think your 15 year old is ready for a career in the culinary arts, find her a job in the business in your neighborhood first. Sure, sending her off to France would be awesome, but save her some embarrassment, and at least let her get her feet wet somewhere ahead of time. The last thing a French Chef wants to do is babysit a 15-year old American girl who doesn't speak much French. Not a real good combination.... Unless she speaks French of course....

    One thing that stuck with me about your original post is that you mentioned that she isn't privy to trying new or interesting foods..... You're gonna have to find a way to escape that - because working in the food industry means being creative with new and interesting ingredients. Have her watch Fear Factor..... (when they eat the bugs) - Or encourage her to watch the National Geographic channel when they show those Amazon tribesmen eating spiders, etc..... All of that may help, but at least it would open her eyes to diversity in food. And that's key in being a "Chef."



  5. I've often thought that the United States lags way behind European, Asian, Canadian and Australian beers.

    With the exception of microbrews, the entire industry is corned by Bud, Miller and Coors.

    Before the Prohibition, many small towns in the United States had their own microbews or local brews. They simply never came back to what they once were.

    Just my two-cents.



  6. I found mine by accident, and I absolutely LOVE IT!

    It's a Melitta.

    It's a Melitte Mill and Brew. It has a grinder built in. So all you do, is put in your beans. Water. Set the timer. And *presto*..... you've got an awesome brew waiting for you every morning.

    A wonderful addition to my mornings! I love making coffee at my house!



  7. I don't know if this was posted anywhere else here on eGullet, (if so I apologize)!

    Sainfeld's Soup Nazi is getting ready to open a chain of his own starting soon, with the first location in New Jersey.

    Found this story interesting.....


    Admin note: merged thread with pre-existing thread in New York forum.

  8. Credit cards are bad for restaurants, PERIOD!

    The operator has to pay all kinds of fees, etc., just to be able to use the network, which they usually do not pass on to consumers. However, since prime rates just went up on all credit card accounts, this may change.

    Some operators pass this cost along to their waitstaff, which is bad. Waitpersons usually make about $3 an hour, and to have to pay for part of their tips, after they've just earned them, only hurts their income further.



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