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  1. Pop the popcorn first then add to the milk and let it seep for the 30 minutes.
  2. Glad it worked out with the water, I agree a whole new way to look at Carrot Soup.
  3. That is exactly what I thought after reading what my Pressure Cooker said about having at least 2 cups of water. I tried it the way the recipe suggested the first time, cored the carrots used the butter mixed well, etc.. . after about 15 minutes I could hear and smell the carrots burning. I stopped the cooking decompressed and opened the cooker. The carrots were burned. So I tried again and added about 3/4 Cup of water. The carrots caramelized perfect and the soup was great. Have now made it again the exact same way and turned out perfect again. It seem that quite a few people here have had different experiences, maybe the moisture content of the carrots, or the type of butter or the type of heat cooking the carrots. Try it with some water and see what happens.
  4. Made the Crispy Corn Pudding this weekend as an one of the appetizers before dinner. Photo before I floured and breaded them. (Sorry no finished pic), by the time I set them on the table to eat they were gone. They turned out great, just make sure you have a napkin if you don't eat it in one bite. The pudding explodes once you bite into it with rich corn flavors that melts in your mouth. Lots of work to make (acutally lots of dishes to clean, but its worth it). Highly recommend, your love the crunch and richness.
  5. I've made this soup three times, 2 times successfully, the first time burned carrots. I added about 10% water to the carrots and both times it turned out fantastic. Rich, silky full butter smooth texture. It is so dense that you really have to dilute it. I added about 20% carrot juice from Whole Foods and served it still fairly thick, but I didn't want to take away from the incredible flavor and taste. My guest swore that I added cream to it. It is problem the heathiest soup you can make.
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