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  1. I'm very excited to try this! I have a new oven (Kitchen Aid Architect Series II) and purchased a 3/8" thick aluminum plate. Here's the issue and question.... Using the calculator on page 23 of Vol 2... - my broiling elements are 4 CM apart, so the sweet spot is 4CM x .44 + .5CM = 2.26CM below the elements. However, at the highest rack setting, my metal plate is 7.5 CM from the elements. Should I find something about 5 CM thick to place between the rack and the metal plate; or simply live with the 7.5CM distance? Any suggestions for what I might use as the "spacer"? One other data point about this broiler.... In the User Manual, Kitchen Aid suggests placing the rack in a position for broiling where the food would be 13-14 CM below the heating elements. How likely is it that this particular broiler does not calibrate in the manner contemplated in Vol 2 P26-27 of MC? Thanks!!
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