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  1. You'll need to trial this but here is some related info. At 2% concentration the viscosity of the 150 is 150 and the 7C is 700. 4.67 times more. I would try anywhere between 1/4 to 2/3's. I have some on the way and want to use the SGA7C for a recipe quoting the SGA150 so I'll let you know. Kind regards, Ben Howard
  2. Well This will not help but I too am adding a request for some information On National Starch Products, Link to same question over at egullet http://egullet.org/p1880920 National Starch Products In Australia - Substitutions Need some help the only products I can get here are; Crisp Coats - Great N-Zorbit Ultra-Crisp CS Ultra-Tex 4 Ultra- Sperse M However I can not get Ultra-Sperse 3, Ultra-Sperse 5 And Ultra-Sperse A For the last 2 I've been sent replacements which I'm told perform the same functions but are not as easy to disperse. Ok that's not that bad. SO that leaves me no real product to replace Ultra-Sperse 3 the rep at the Australian office says that Ultra-Sperse M basically has the same properties. So my questions are as such. Why use a different brand from recipe to recipe. Can you help with substitution amounts? What are the differences between these products? Help, Help, Nathan, Max, Chris are you there? - I noticed most recipes call for Ultra-Sperse 3 how can I replace this product with Ultra-Sperse M or maybe another? Kindest regards and am anxiously waitiing for the MC@home. Too exciting. Wish you'd only given a weeks notice. How will I wait till October. These books are a drug and I'm hooked. My caramelised Butternut Squash Soup with Coconut foam was awesome on Saturday night and the kids loved it to! Vol.
  3. Well after great success with the Caramalized Carrot Soup it's time to move onto the French Onion Soup. I've picked up my Preserving Jars 500ml * 4. Anyone got any tips before I proceed, I'm using a Fagor Pressure Cooker which is fine as this is not a sterilastion canning as I take it. I do not have a tray for the bottom of the pressure cooker except for the steamer basket on a trivet which I'll put the cans on or in whichever way you look at it.. I'm not sure how much water to put in. The PC instructions state to put 2 cups in for >20mins cooking so I'll do that as it is a 40min cook. I think that's it! Anyone have any comments before I proceed? I'll get back to you with the results. Reagrds, Vol.
  4. Success. Absolutely beautiful.Wow Took Bthomsons advice added 3/4 cup of water to PC turned out wonderfully. Amazing Toffee Flavours. Did not core Carrots. Still wonderful, can't see a massive difference by coring them though if i didn't add water i would core them, Got a hunch not as much water content in the core. Great recipe. And the garnish is perfect.
  5. Hi there, Wanting to make this tomorrow night (my Pressure cooker arrived today), i have a question before I start. The instruction on my Pressure cooker state to use 2 cups of water if cooking for greater than 10 minutes and never cook without water. Yet the recipe put's no water in when pressure cooking. Is it because of the water content in the butter that sustains the pressure. Did everyone just use the butter, soda & carrots under pressure or am i missing something. Regards, Vol.
  6. I've only googled in Australia for them with no success, maybe they are called something different by suppliers they are tough to find here. When I get some more time to research more thoroughly i'll report back. Or if someone has some success post them up here. Getting off topic for a short while, love to have a forum for sourcing items in Australia, with suppliers etc. So we have a sticky post with Equipment and then list suppliers, and also Ingredients. Maybe when i have more time i'll do this with what I have so far, moving house over the next month so not really feasible. But back on topic now. Look forward to hearing from others.
  7. H Everybody, The metal bars, the call pastry bars in the book where can you get them? I'm in Australia but i can't even find anything on the Web anywhere that even resembles them colsely. Any help, directions? Regards, Vol. Answered::: I found it. They are called Caramel Rulers
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