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  1. Hi, this recipe calls for setting the microwave to 600 watts but MCAH says 800 watts. I don't have it in front of me but is this because it's a different fish or is one of these wrong? Thanks
  2. I see that MC has instructions for Lamb stock but not Lamb Jus.Do you think this would be a similar procedure as in the Beef Jus recipe with the pressure cooker? Thanks
  3. I made the corn bread last night. It was excellent. I found a very distinct corn taste at first bite followed by a sweet aftertaste. I followed the directions with the temp shift in the oven but maybe my oven didn't cool down quick enough so I only had it in for 8 more minutes after the initial 10 at 350. Thanks!
  4. A stupid question. The recipe for Potato Salad and Flourless Gnocchi call first to cook the potatoes sous-vide. You're supposed to vacuum seal the potatoes for sous-vide cooking correct? I ask because other recipes have had the vacuum sealing as a step before sous-vide so I wanted to verify. Thanks!
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