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  1. I've had good success with the bathhouse farms (costco) carrot juice. I thickened one batch using a bit of heavy cream. Turned out nice, but took away a bit of the vibrant color.
  2. OH, one more note, I noticed that shaking the pressure cooker every 3-4 minutes yielded a morethoroughcaramelization. (this was a triple sized batch).
  3. Yes, I would like to know just how important is it to peel em' and core. I certainly dont mind peeling, but the coring I could do without. Beside that, this is a simple enough recipe. Made a triple sized portion last night, put it up for sale at the salad bar at my family's restaurant (keep in mind that the staff has instructions to not let me near the kitchen in any way and it sold out SUPER quick!
  4. My pleasure. Make sure to request seating at the bar, preferably in the corner opposite of the windows. Alos, a dinner like that wont come cheap, specially if u add the wine tasting. with Tax+Tip expect between $850-$1050 for two people. Enjoy!
  5. I could certainly agree with JG at the trump. Make sure to try out the Prix Fixe lunch at nougatine (its inside JG). Best damn lunch for 27 Bucks you can get in the city me thinks. I really like Nobu and The Atelier by Joel Robuchon @the four seasons. Here is a link to simple review and Pixs i took at The atelier. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.119738126490.113180.501571490&type=1
  6. Is it normal for them to have the air bubbles? After all, they ARE carbonated.
  7. Bill, to better help you, what kind of cuisine would you like to experiment? Budget? Any particular area you are going to be frequently the most?
  8. First let me state that I had to try this one twice to get it right. The first time I was lazy (didn't want to go to the supermarket) and used baby carrots that where previously frozen, not only that, I substituted (GASP!) the carrot juice with some chicken stock (hey, it had always worked before for my soups!). To further compound my errors I counted the 20 minutes from the moment I sealed the pressure cookerinsteadof doing it from the moment it reached pressure, when i opened it it was under cooked so i went ahead for 20 more minutes = burnt carrots. Heed the warning, on the first page about pressure cooking there is a footnote stating the correct form to measure time when pressure cooking. Suffice to say it was a disaster! Since I didn't like the smell of defeat on his one I went ahead and tried it again the next day. this time I followed the recipe as best I could (no centrifuge here, YET!) and I am glad to report it came out really really nice. Me and a friend tasted it and we decided to store some overnight. Try it, it only made it taste waaaaay better I've even attached a pic here for some of you to see. Hope my experience works as a pseudo cautionary tale to the people who read this. - (Thanks to checking the CM I noticed the discrepancy in times and looked up the errata, indeed its 20 minutes, not 50 as stated in Vol.3)
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