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  1. Not overly Modernist Cuisine, but Otom (Moto's sister restaurant) did a $25 3 course deal on Tuesdays. Not sure if they're still running it but it was fantastic value for money.
  2. I also built one and it works perfectly! Here is a link to it.
  3. Mine is definitely stainless steel after inspection.
  4. I made the stock today, made a few changes though. Added some shallots (like the broth), and increased the water % quite a bit and let it reduce down. Ended up with about 450ml of stock from 500g mushrooms. Looks and tastes great. Very impressed. What recipes can I make with this?
  5. I've got all ingredients to make this tomorrow, apart from glycerol / glycerine. Is it possible to make a substitution? Do you know what its purpose is? I can see if I can find it locally, but I doubt it. Not as much stuff in Australia as there is in the states! Edit: Ended up ordering some 'pharmaceutical grade' glycerol from my pharmacy.
  6. What could I replace glycerol with? I've got glucose, would that do? I'm not sure what its purpose is in this recipe.
  7. Okay! I've finally found the mushroom stock recipe after much scouring of the book. I ended up finding mushroom stock referenced in volume 5, in the mushroom omelette's index page, it say it's on page 129. So I went to page 129, couldn't find a 'Mushroom Stock' title, yet saw mushrooms within the ingredients for the mixed grains recipe, and delved further. Turns out that mushroom stock is within that recipe! It's: 2kg of button mushrooms 100g grapeseed oil 800g of water. Instructions are within the recipe. So what do you think? Think this is the mushroom stock that is referenced everywh
  8. Is there any reason why I couldn't put hot ingredients (scrambled egg foam) inside my cream whipper? I bought this model: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/CREAM-GUN-WHIPPER-1L-PROFESSIONAL-DISPENSER-KA4700-/150602834437?pt=AU_Business_Industrial_Restaurant_Catering_Equipment&hash=item2310a0e205#ht_2658wt_922
  9. Someone mentioned over at eGullet that they might bereferringto the Mushroom Broth on6Ӣ19, would be good to have an official response on this though.
  10. Mushroom stock is referred to in quite a few recipes, and said to be on page 6. I'm assuming that it is actually talking about vegetable stock, substituting mushroom as a majority, but I can't find these proportions. Does anyone else have any ideas on what to do when mushroom stock is called for? What have you done / made?
  11. I bought one of the earlier kits from Chris, mush recommended! Chris, can the lecithin granules be ground down to just plain lecithin? Also, does anyone have a good source for locust bean gum?
  12. I agree, this was fantastic. I ended up using rock salt as kosher salt is quite expensive here (!!), and after 10-12 hours it came out a tiny bit too salty. Is it the fact that I used rock, is it a 'stronger' salt? Or could I have just used too much or put it in for too long? Would I be able to confit chicken leg / thigh? The potatoes were very good too, although I needed to cook them for another 15 minutes.
  13. What about the required temperatures? I'm a complete smoking noob, never done it before!
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