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  1. I glanced at the book for canning times and saw pints and quarts. Was there any data collected on half gallon jars? What I am canning is a clear liquid of pH 5.2, and 'overcooking' is not a problem. I just want to make sure it is sterile and I need it in 1/2 gallon jars. Any help in determining a time, even if it has a decent safety factor built in, is much appreciated. Joshua
  2. I do not have an iSi for carbonating, but I have CO2 tanks and fittings from brewing. What would be the target equilibrium volumes of carbonation that I should be looking for (solubility of CO2 is temperaturedependent, and so we talk about volumes in brewing) from the cranberries? If you can give me a good equilibrium temperature and pressure, that would work just as well. Thank you.
  3. I will absolutely use a temperature and RH sensor, and that is how the chamber would be controlled. I can fairly easily control temperature up and down, and can easily control the humidity down, but controlling it up is a hair trickier. It is good to know that you have needed to increase RH. Thanks. Joshua
  4. I am looking at building a drying chamber for cured meats. It would have basic humidity and temperature control. I had a question about the environment inside the chamber as I am trying to figure out what controls I feel like building. Is there ever a time that the humidity would have to be raised? My assumption is that once the chamber is sealed, and a closed system is formed, thehumiditywould rise above the desired 70-90%RH, and it would only have to be controlled in a downward direction. Does anyone know if this is a correct assumption? It would save me having to build a water injection sy
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