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  1. Apparently that is normal. See here I also have a fissler blue point and it does not hiss or vent at all.
  2. I registered MC a long time ago when it first came out but my profile doesn't show it. Should I just re-register it? Also, are you still sending out recipe emails? The last one I got was in May for french toast.
  3. I made this last night. I was a little confused by the 'simmer ... liquid has evaporated ... 35 mins'. I simmered mine until pretty much all the liquid had evaporated which I think is incorrect as it took over an hour and then was way too thick to blend (in a blendtec). I had to add some water back in. By liquid has evaporated do you mean all the liquid has evaporated, most of the liquid, some of the liquid? Next time I'll just stop at 35 minutes although this batch will probably last a year.
  4. I had my honeymoon in New Zealand in Dec 2009 and a lot of it was focused on food. The French Cafe in Auckland was the best meal I have ever had anywhere. Even bought the cookbook after dinner hoping it would have the creme caramel with passion fruit tapioca recipe in it (It didn't). I don't recall too much modernist stuff there though. Another favourite was Pescatore in Christchurch. It was modernist focused from what I remember. One dish was dehydrated pizza served in an envelope which was basically dehydrated spices and pizza toppings and tasted amazingly exactly like a piece of pizza. In Wellington we were trying to decide between Logan Brown and The White House as we were only there for one night. Ended up at Logan Brown as it had just won an award for best restaurant in New Zealand. It was quite good although we tend to prefer long many course tasting menus and Logan Brown was more a large portion only order 1-2 courses type of place. If you can only pick one I'd try The White House. Logan Brown did have the best olive oil I have ever tasted though. I asked to buy some but it is specially made just for them. Also check out Herzog's in Marlborough and Amisfield Bistro in Queenstown. Make sure you try some whitebait if you've never had it.
  5. Dennis said: I have the frozen desserts book from the CIA and it has a recipe for ice cream additives calling for (from memory)100g of monoglycerides and 100g of diglycerides. The glycerin flakes just say it's a mix of mono and di. Can I assume it's close to 50/50? Does it even matter that much? I already asked willpowder and they weren't sure.
  6. Drew Thompson said: Not using liquid nitrogen ' hmmm unsure Definitely try chilling the burger before deep frying. I've cooked burgers this way a couple of times and always put them in an ice bath then the fridge after cooking sous vide. Deep fry straight from the fridge at 375 (highest my fryer goes) usually for 2-3 minutes as 1 minute left the centre a little cold. No issues with over cooking.
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