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  1. I think I've verified my MCAH purchase, but I'm not sure how to check. I saw the comment about verified owners being more likely to get a response, and hoping that my profile will be updated so my question (http://modernistcuisine.com/cooks/forum/a-f/caramelized-carrot-soup-3-301-and-6-150/page-3/#p1419) will be more likely to be answered :-)
  2. Any recommendations for making this dairy-free? I'm not sure what fat best replaces the butter and would hold up under pressure. Would I need to add additional water to replace that phase of the butter?
  3. What alloy of steel isrecommendedfor this application?
  4. Have there been any studies done on the integrity of the plastics used in sous vide bags? Do they break down under heating and/or leach into the food?
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