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  1. Thanks I really appreciate everyone's advice! I think I'm going to switch to an all shortening to be safe, or recommend royal icing. Yes! I shipped out some royal icing kits to family and everything arrived in one piece, with lots of bubble wrap included. I just ordered some "literature mailers" to use for shipping the kits in. They seem pretty sturdy and I think they will replace the need for a pastry box inside a shipping box.
  2. Hi! In the US, from NH to surrounding states (NY, MA, OH) they are all within a 1-2 day window for shipping.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for advice on whether or not it is safe to ship american buttercream. I have recently started making diy cookie kits and have had a lot of interest from people to ship them. I use frosting as opposed to royal icing. The recipe I use is part butter/shortening, 10x and salt water, no milk. It's supposed to be safe at room temp for days, so does that mean it should be safe for 2 day shipping. I just don't want to get anyone sick. Should I instead just switch to all shortening, to be safe? Thanks!
  4. Hi! I have been recently tasked with incorporating a red, fruity wine into a chocolate mousse for an event at the restaurant/winery where I work. I'm fresh out of pastry school so I'm still relying on my school recipes and knowledge from class vs years of work experience. I made a chocolate mousse today and had to add about 8oz of wine before I could really detect the flavor. The result unfortunately is a soft almost soupy mousse...which I would expect after adding so much of an additional liquid. My question is, how can I incorporate the wine, so I have the flavor, but still keep my chocolate mousse firm. My mousse is made by starting with a bombe (whipped yolks and cooked sugar), to that I add melted chocolate (14oz). At this point I also added the wine and then folded in whipped cream. If I add more yolks, will that help to stiffen my mousse? Would it make sense to cook down the wine and use as a reduction? Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
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