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  1. Hi All,


    I am Leilani, a new foodie from London. I love food! I dream about it! I love cooking and trying new food.


    A few favourites:


    Cuisine: Thai or Indian

    Breakfast: Vanilla Latte and Croissants/Pan au Chocolat

    Lunch: Larb Gai

    Dinner: Lamb Massaman Curry

    Dessert: Crème brûlée

    Snack: Samosa Chaat

    Fruit: Grapes

    Vegetable: Beetroot

    Condiment: Sriarcha (of course!)

    Wine: Barefoot Merlot

    Cocktail: Lychee Martini


    Oh here's a picture of some yummy food I cooked (sorry vegetarians).




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