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  1. And voting used to be accepted purely as the priviege of white males. If you insist on equating the opportunity of fine dining with the right to vote, I don't think there's much basis for further discussion.
  2. A growing gap between those with the most and those with the least is probably not good for anyone. But luxuries, like the poor, have always been with us. I'd like to think that reducing poverty does not mean eliminating luxuries.
  3. Within their circle, but that doesn't necessarily say anything about their attitudes toward people outside of their circle. Decent behaviour some of the time is certainly a start. I don't think so. People who are perfectly charming to their dining partners can be involved in horrendous crimes against other people. History teaches us that. Michael, I will be sure to examine anyone with especially good manners very closely, lest they harbour genocidal tendencies.
  4. Within their circle, but that doesn't necessarily say anything about their attitudes toward people outside of their circle. Decent behaviour some of the time is certainly a start.
  5. It is true though, that food, and even good food, has probably never before in history been as affordable for so many as it is in the United States and Canada. If that weren't the case, I'd be prepared to be a lot more indignant. And while not defending wretched excess, it is true that what incites one person to anger and resentment inspires another to aspire towards acquiring the means to acquire or enjoy that object or experience.
  6. That sounds an awful lot like, "There's something wrong with this country when only the rich can afford a Mercedes" or a yacht, or whatever.
  7. One thing to be said for dining, fine or otherwise, is that it often does encourage people to be more social, pleasant and altogether better human beings than they might otherwise be inclined to be.
  8. fresco

    Death to brining

    When poultry that is consistently flavourful and plump is consistently available, I'm prepared to give up brining it.
  9. Canada imports just about all of its fruit and vegetables most of the year, so we are going to feel the impact there. But working at home and living in the middle of a large city has its advantages--almost none of our food shopping involves a car.
  10. Which is completely loony. Good Spanish tapas are either inexpensive to make, or easy to prepare, or both. You'd think restaurants or bars in North America could serve their own great versions of tapas, with healthy markups, and do a roaring business. Wonder why they can't.
  11. Funny. I once saw a dim sum item on a Chinese menu described as "Chinese ravioli."
  12. The stuff at Costco (and other supermarkets) always seems to be frozen junk, and not tempting at all. But the Ontario government has opened a palatial new liquor store in central Toronto, and they often have people offering very good apps--I recall one involving lamb that was especially good. In fact, I'd have to say these are the best samples I've tried anywhere.
  13. The term "tapas" which originally meant a vast array of appetizers hot and cold served in Spanish bars, has now come to mean just about any sort of appetizer, probably including microwaved pizza slices that a certain sort of restaurant is trying to push. Here's probably more than you want to know about tapas: http://www.evevancouver.ca/food/dishes/tapas.htm
  14. Canola oil. Beef (try eating it freshly slaughtered.) Pork and chicken. (try eating it raw).
  15. Bigbear, Thanks for all the info. When are you heading down?
  16. fresco

    lamb patties

    I've had lamb burgers several times in decent restaurants and enjoyed them a lot.
  17. fresco

    Twist cap wines...

    If part of the markup that's being charged is for the cork removal ritual, glad to see it go. Restaurants may actually welcome screwtops, because it does eliminate or at least reduce the incidence of wine being rejected by customers for being off. And I have great faith in the ability of restaurateurs to come up with a replacement ritual if corks become obsolete, especially if they can find a way to make that ritual pay.
  18. That's great--where exactly will you be? I'm interested in pretty much everything--the don't miss restaurants and cafes, markets, unusual sights. I keep reading about a growing tendency in Ecuador towards a two-tiered system where foreigners pay a much higher price for hotels, meals, and much else than the locals do. Would appreciate knowing how pervasive this is, and anything that can be done to thwart it.
  19. It's also used to break down the outer hull of dried corn.
  20. Has anyone spent a fair bit of time in Ecuador recently? I'm getting interested in the idea of a longish visit there early next year. The posts in this thread are certainly helping to nudge me along and would love to hear more.
  21. I thought ketchup (the word and concept, if not the concoction as we know it today) originated in China.
  22. Didn't the lobster joints beat you to it by a few years?
  23. You're right. I've also noticed that you can now get scallopini from a whole hell of a lot more animals than calves these days.
  24. You go down that road far enough and everything comes up scallopini.
  25. Doesn't a lot of fast food drip, involve lots of ketchup, and perhaps most important to this discussion, appeal to families with small kids? But yes, I'm with you on liking the idea of a lot less wasted paper.
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