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  1. For restaurants, I would recommend Konaki too but if you want to enjoy it at home, you'd better order at Delices & Gourmandises, or Donald Russell, they both have good reputation for quality mail order.
  2. Chobani is also one of my favorite but sometimes I use to buy coconut milk vegan from COYO, it is healthier.
  3. Interesting advices and opinion, thanks a lot.By the way, do you know any reliable website to order food online? the best in France I do not want to go to a restaurant each time I would like to enjoy Provencal dishes; yet I do not know much about cooking. Thanks
  4. Just arrived in France and would like to give a first try to Provencal dishes, any recommendations? Thank you
  5. I'm really pleased to be here and nice to meet you all! I live in Maidenhead,I wish I will find interesting cooking tips and advices here as well as good recommendations of best places to dine. Regards
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