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  1. It's not a cookbook per se but Harold McGee's "On Food and Cooking" has probably taught me more about food and cooking than anything else.
  2. Yet another vote for a good knife. There no cutting tasks that can't be accomplished with a knife. And a good knife, well cared for will last longer than you do.
  3. Aside from considerations of how much stuff you're putting in it? My daughter asked me this question this morning and it got me to thinking that maybe larger or smaller pans are more suited to different techniques or ingredients simply because of the area of the pan that's in direct contact with the heat source. Or am I out in left field thinking that?
  4. Thanks. Mmmm.....haven't had a $100 hamburger since the days when they were only $50.
  5. Hello. I'm Sal a home cook from Long Island NY. Today is a perfect day to sit in one's yard, slowing smoke a couple of chickens and relax with an oak aged beer while surfing on the iPad, which as luck would have it is exactly what I'm doing. Shortly a half dozen ears of corn will go to the grill as well as some asparagus. I discovered a love for cooking somewhat late in life, I'm 53 and have been passionate about cooking for the past 5 years or so. These days I pretty much do all the cooking for my tribe of 5, one of whom, my daughter in law, is a pastry chef - that was cool for a while, now I'm sick of cakes and cookies I especially like all day preparations, like braises and stews and the like because they become an organic part of of the day. Do a little work on the food, then go off and do something else. And I've also started brewing my own beer which is loads of fun. Otherwise in my day job I'm a manager of a software engineering team. I also work part time as a flight instructor and a musician . No money in either but they are the things I love to do most in the world. The grill is calling. Have a good weekend and Happy Fathers Day to the dads out there.
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