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  1. I was inspired, I made a banana PDF and a cinnamon/rhum ganache. Awesome results.
  2. Hi everybody, I need your help, I know that San Francisco as a ton of great restaurant and a lot of ethnic cuisine, but what is typical San Francisco, what is your own? The same as the deep dish (Chicago) or the Cincinnati chili... I'm sure many of you have an opinion, please share. Thanks.
  3. Really, I'm looking into making chewing gum for a project. But I want something good, not jus chewable...
  4. Can't believe that I was scared for a moment! Damn rumors... Kareen
  5. I do own RLB's The Pie And Pastry Bible, but I really haven't worked much from it. I make sour cream and cream cheese crusts for other pastries............and I find it hard to imagine I'd like those for fruit pies. But I don't know. I'll give her recipe a try as soon as I find an opening in my menus and report back. ← For fruit pies, try yogurt instead of the sour cream, same result, better taste for fruits.
  6. The only way I was able to get stout beer to come through in a chocolate was to make a soft(almost liquid) caramel in a molded chocolate.
  7. If you love ice cream, run do not walk to Havre des glaces. Very difficult to decide which flavour to purchase so ask for a taste, the staff are only too happy to oblige. Still conflicted as to which I liked most - close your eyes & you'd swear you were eating a combo of puréed passion fruit & mango, but with the richness of gelatto. Want chocolate, have fun deciding between dark choc, milk choc or white choc - or just say what the hey - give me a triple dose of that stuff. I foresee long lines come spring/summer. As for price, I'd way rather pay $6.00 for 500 ml vs. the shite you get from your local grocery store for $5.99 for 2 liters or even the 500 ml premium brands like B&J or Hagen Daz that sell for comparable prices. ← Yes, I went there on Sunday, at -1, there was already a line, and the floorplan doesn't help, can't even think what it's going to be in July. I actualy was going to say that they are not that expensive... for that artisan quality product, the best I have seen in a while.
  8. I can't answer from a French point of view... but from a french-canadian point of view, brown sugar and cassonade are virtualy the same thing.
  9. You could actually add some cocoa butter to your chocolate. As a substituate idea, you could add gianduja, it could add a nut taste to them.
  10. If everything that was scientificly predicted were to happen... wouldn't maple syrup be the least of our troubles?
  11. I actually confirmed with a friend of his yesterday, he is the ex chef de cuisine of the Auberge Hatley, he also brought the pastry chef with him. If you don't read the bad review and try it for yourself, it's a great little french restaurant. I've been there a couple of times already, nothing but great food.
  12. I've made my share of yogurt and buttermilk pannacotta working with Michael (Laiskonis) last year, I would say that with these dairies you have to JUST melt your sugar in just warm milk, add your gelatine than intoduce to your other dairy. If the first preparation is too warm, it becomes grainy! Kareen
  13. I'm going to Jacksonville for the first time in February at the Amelia Plantation Resort. Can someone suggest me a good place to eat? Kareen
  14. Kareen


    Well, I just tried it to "temper chocolate"... I'm not overly impressed with the result. I'll give it a couple more chances before abandonning the idea. The chocolate didn't have the same crack and shine that I usualy get, but the problem could be me and the way I did it. It's still worth trying and experimenting. I think I'll end up using it as the main purpose, gelatine substitute. Can't wait to ear about someone else first try! Kareen
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