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  1. I also think about it. Does pastry chef how to make a tart ?
  2. Thanks I use 4 inch flan ring to baking the dough, it hard to modify edge because the dough soft too fast and I rolling it to 2mm. Does it too thin?
  3. Hi there, Why does tart dough shrink after baking? I was set the dough in refrigerator 20 minutes before baking and I don't think rub the dough very much The shrink cause the edge doesn't look good and how cna I make beauty edge as below. Thank you. source of picture: http://roodelia.com/2013/03/
  4. Can I make ganache with milk instead of heavy cream ? I wonder to know what is that different result?
  5. Thanks all of you. follow below of rule, I thought if some recipes use all-purpose flour can be change to be cake or pastry flour to make more tender texture pastry without change another ingredients amount? All-purpose flour is a "compromise" between soft wheat and hard wheat and can be used for anything but is not truly optimall for artisan breads or for fine pastries but it will do. High protein flour gives a better rise when used in a yeast recipe. Low protein flour gives cakes a more tender texture.
  6. If pastry recipe same of Ingredients, just all purpose flour transfer cake flour or pastry flour, the result will how different? for instance to make a tart: 120g butter, 80g confections' sugar, 1 vailla bean, 25g ground almonds, 1 pinch salt, 1 egg, 200g all-purpose flour if I use 200g cake flour instead all-purpose flour, can I do this? how to calculate all purpose flour transfer cake flour or pastry flour of amount? Thanks
  7. you mean when seeding at the same time cooling over a bowl of cold water?
  8. You can temper chocolate at 29C room temperature? how can you do that?
  9. Oh, I'm feel frustrate, I try many time again just a few good result, any suggest tempering chocolate work out with room temperature at 25C-28C. Thanks
  10. Thank Keychris I test so use small batch, if I use 140g puree, how much pectin that I use? and I haven't tartaric or citric acid, in my area hard to found it, I try follow your advice. do you make it in chocolate also? what about mouth feel?
  11. Does anyone know this book English version http://www.amazon.ca/ENCYCLOP%C3%89DIE-DU-CHOCOLAT-L-COLLECTIF/dp/2081237245 Thank
  12. Thank you Chocomom But in my area can't buy tartaric acid so I can't use your method, and sometime saw Shotts' recipe have a bit confusion because he always froze ganache or chocolate but I know that have bloom risk, my work place haven't good temperature and humidity control
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