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  1. :shhhhhhhhhhhhh: :whispers: I'm trying to be subtle. And what else are you trying to be by using the word "receipt" instead of "recipe"? Pompous.
  2. :shhhhhhhhhhhhh: :whispers: I'm trying to be subtle.
  3. I'd just take my jacket off before I went to bed. :shrugs:
  4. Out of curiosity, does anyone have Alice's brownie receipt? My American edition of her cookbook left it out.
  5. FWIW, I'd recommend that site. I've ordered from Janet Jarvits for years with no problems. Two thumbs up. (BTW, she's very good at searching, too, with very fair prices.)
  6. torakris, Why not pick up a good Vietnamese brand & do a taste test? I taste tested Thai & Vietnamese fish sauce & found definite differences. I'd be interested to see what you think.
  7. that's what pint glasses were invited for. This is exactly the type of information that keeps me returning to eGullet. In fact, I've a pint glass in the freezer with the gin. Time to go home.
  8. A martini cures the shaking hands--provided you get the glass to your mouth without spilling all of it.
  9. or a There is a major difference! Post both your lists, awbrig!
  10. Methinks someone has cheese on her brain today. Or as Ali G would interpret . . .
  11. MatthewB

    Smoking Meat

    FWIW, I smoked salmon recently. Cut the fillet into strips ~1 1/2 inches by 5 inches. Strips were done in 20 minutes at ~210*F.
  12. Dessert island, huh? Don't hijack my thread!
  13. hollywood, note this from my first post . . . In any event . . . What would your books be?
  14. Suzanne, truthfully, you have a great ability to bring a smile to my face. I was out sweeping the driveway on Monday afternoon when I thought up this thread topic. While considering groundrules, I figured ED's Classics should be allowed but that the Time-Life series shouldn't. LMAO. And, of course, you got them both in & in the right places. Cheers!
  15. Yes, visit Tartine if at all possible.
  16. I'm curious what you think of this one. It's relatively recent I believe. Does it go into sufficient detail covering all those asian cuisines? Cheers, Andrew I'm curious, too, torakris. I've done a couple of receipts from this & I've been happy with the results. However, I've this feeling that some of the receipts will require a bit of adjustment. What's your experience been with your results?
  17. MatthewB

    Dinner! 2003

    Tuesday night It was "Leftover Meat Feast" with a neighbor . . . BBQ pork ribs Grilled pork tenderloin w/ grilled bell peppers Grilled NY strip steak w/ steamed-sauted zucchini Bottle o' wine
  18. Out of curiosity . . . Any demographic stuff available on the average Zagat reader? I guess I'm wondering if that type of person would tend to wander from restaurant to restaurant or if they would tend to become regulars? If they become regulars, what's their average check? And so on. In other words, are Zagat readers worth the effort & expensive to market to?
  19. Jinmyo, Given your first 3 selections, I'm curious . . . what you think of Kamman's New Making of a Cook?
  20. I'll try to help, Jinmyo . . . Kitchen Confidental?
  21. I think we can probably speak of some "rules" as you've pointed out. However, I wonder if my earlier notation of "breadth" & "depth" of experience isn't perhaps foundational for the operation of said rules. I'm thinking about Carlovski's "Food is just fuel" folks. My assumption is that this attitude results from a lack of culinary breadth & depth. In other words, what experiences are necessary (and, thus, a "precondition") for the effective operation of the "rules"?
  22. I'm cursed. My attempts at on-topic threads turn into off-topic threads. Where's the :pulls hair: icon???
  23. In a sense, this is a crucial issue--how we phrase the statements. For instance, when my poetry students would question my grading, my canned response was: "I can't always tell you when I read a really good poem. But I can certainly tell you when I read a bad poem. Unfortunately, you have not produced a really good poem." I'd then explain what in particular caused their poem to not be really good. So, might this be what we are after: the ability to acutely discern the bad as opposed to holding up the best? Edit: clarity
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