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  1. Modernist English Muffins, but modified to use only one initial addition of levain (and no other yeast). I've never made English muffins before so it's a learning experience. However, I do love love love brown crust, and EMs definitely have the edge over loaves of bread in terms of their crust/crumb ratio! I proofed the dough for about 12 hours in the refrigerator, then put the container outdoors in the cool night air for another 10 or so to attempt to reproduce MB's 55°F target. It fluctuated from 57 to 53 and back to 60 before I brought it back in to divide and warm up. The crust flavor was excellent, but I'm still fiddling with the recipe.
  2. Thank you so much, DDF! I wish Anova would have cut and pasted Jeff's reply into their support thread about this issue... it's unfortunate that so much heat has been generated without any engineering nfo being given there.
  3. I have rust in that spot as well on my 120V unit. It appears to be a design "feature". I don't think it's a problem in the short term, and I expect Anova to deal with it before it becomes a reliability issue. Until then I'm going to keep on cookin'.
  4. My cats are very fond of 54C duck breast as on MC@H p. 245, but using the Savory Poultry Brine from the top of MC@H p. 133, substituting cloves for star anise.
  5. Inspired by Chris's post http://forums.egullet.org/topic/145291-cooking-with-modernist-cuisine-part-2/page-10#entry1811272, I had been waiting until I got my Anova v2 to try making the MC duck confit with pommes sarladaises. I bought a whole duck from Costco so I cooked the white meat as well (at 54C), brined with similar spices, as described in MC@Home. The confit was a bit salty for my taste, so I'll be adjusting that recipe, but the breasts were absolutely divine. They reminded me in both texture and flavor of rare prime rib, sigh. At the time I thought "this is the best thing I've ever eaten." I couldn't control myself and ate way more than my normal ration. Bliss! This morning I went back to Costco (braving the Black Friday crowds, as is totally against my nature) to get a couple more ducks, but there were none to be found. Backordered. BLAST IT! Oh yeah, the hardware performed as required.
  6. The V2 does have a removable directional cap. It has 3 positions you can put it in.
  7. rotuts, the email I got said they weren't able to add in wi-fi and still meet their delivery time commitment. The subsequent survey asked if we were willing to wait longer to get a unit with wi-fi. So my interpretation is the decision still hasn't been finalized. I guess it is true the thing might be hacked, though.
  8. Perhaps that's something worth mentioning in the survey comments... I suspect it isn't a problem only Canadians will experience. I apologize on behalf of my fellow USAians.
  9. Anova is seeking some more feedback on the new precision cooker... https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TXDR7BG
  10. America's Test Kitchen tests zip-lock bags: http://lifehacker.com/the-best-and-worst-plastic-food-storage-bags-1586641563
  11. Jeff, you can either plunk down money and then take it back before June 17, or you can just watch the update page at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/anova/anova-precision-cooker-cook-sous-vide-with-your-ip/posts Of course, depending on how you define "too late" you may have already passed that deadline... All the cheap pledge levels have been sold out for a while.
  12. Thanks, Chris, I had similar concerns... I just wanted the illusion of a lower glycemic index.
  13. Chris and others who have made it, do you think this dish would work well with sweet potatoes?
  14. Robin G

    Malt Vinegar Powder

    David, I'm dying to know how these tests have turned out...
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