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  1. Boooo, I am left sitting forlornly by the mailbox for another day.
  2. FYI, I asked customer service whether we can create an automated recipe with the food probe that is triggered by sensing a temperature decline, rather than an increase. The example I used was scalding milk for yogurt. After some initial confusion because I forgot to say I was asking about the oven instead of the immersion circulator, I got a really nice, thorough answer from agent David L. My question: David's answer:
  3. Indeed, here is one: sous vide today
  4. A roast chicken in a tumble dryer
  5. Me three. But to be fair they did say shipping would "start" today...
  6. I don't really make toast in the normal way, nor do I have a CSO to compare with, so my toasting evaluation will sadly not be very useful to you guys. Sorry! But I do have short-term plans for yogurt, as well as duck SV-style. Then perhaps sourdough batards. And dehydrating both sourdough starter and yogurt starter for backup storage.
  7. I had that thought too, but refrained from mentioning it in furtherance of continued friendly international relations.
  8. This 15% label was also formerly on the USA batch 2 button, and has also been removed. However, the dates have not changed - Sept 28 for batch 1 and Oct 12 for batch 2.
  9. I also noticed that change to add WxDxH. I am losing confidence in the answers given by customer service.
  10. I think you're correct, rotuts.
  11. No, Keri, this thing has no microwave capability. I have an over-the-range microwave too, and I have no plans to get rid of it. However, maybe re-heating beverages in a plastic vessel will prove to be its only use after acclimating to the Anova oven. I am fortunate that my current cat doesn't know she should counter-surf for people food. (?!?)
  12. Interesting, I wonder why they told me they didn't know whether they would make any. This is good news, though!
  13. Also, on the USA site, it has said "15% Remaining" of batch 2 since Saturday, and hasn't budged. I wonder if that number is static? Featuring this pan in so many of the recipes also implies it's standard equipment. I suspect we won't be the only potential customers wondering where it is.
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