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  1. The Flo group have been managing (under contract), and running commercial operations at La Coupole since 1990; the management contract was renewed every six or so years. They have now purchased the business out right, they now own anything physically linked to the space and name.

    At least that's what the article says...

  2. If you can make it to Watermark, on Lake Burley-Griffith, I am sure you will enjoy

    yourself. Having worked with the chef, Darren Vaughan, I can assure you that you are in for a treat; the wine list was already interesting when it first opened in late 2002, so I can only image it as improved since.

  3. "Remember that these are modest table wines that are simple and easy drinking, and you can buy better, less-expensive wines in any SAQ store. But that is not the point. You are paying for convenience ."

    People just read what they want to read...

    (Quotation from The Montréal Gazette, article by Malcom Anderson, March 13th 2004)

    (Words underlined by poster)

  4. I had great meals at Marque and Bécasse late last year, I really enjoyed the athmosphere, at once casual and refined in both establishments. I remember Bécasse being very affordable for the quality of the meal.

    As for Melbourne, I enjoyed the Melbourne Wine Room, both the pub side and the restaurant, but my meal at Vue de Monde was truly memorable, both the service and Shannon Bennett's food where impressive.

    The small stool type chairs at Billy Kwong' s are not the most comfortable things to sit on, but the crispy duck sure helped to ease the pain...

  5. Fantastic dinner at Magill Estate last december, complete with sunset over the vineyards.

    Excellent meal at Bergerac in Adelaide, on North terrace, next to the Botanic Hotel to be exact; great sleek dining room and excellent service. The food was very good, although the place seemed a bit quiet. Is it still in operation ?

  6. The last time I worked with Dempsey he had purple rings around his eyes from lack of sleep, looked like he lost about 10 pounds since I had seen him last. As always, he had the usual extreme burns and cuts on his hands and forearms. A guy with no balance in his life.

    This is an accurate description of 99.9 % of the brigade when I was at L'Oranger, under Marcus Wareing.

    I have to say that in the two years I was there, I was never witness to drug use during service or by the cooks I frequented on our rare days off ( to insure balance...).

    I can't see how anyone with an accute drug problem could of survived the pace. Deeper rooted disturbances might be the explanation in Chef Dempsey's case.

  7. Thank you all for your good wishes and interest.

    The official opening had to be put off for 24hrs (electrical problems) but we opened finally on the 29th of may. Things have gone well so far and the response is good.

    Thanks again for the interest and, small note, the web site now features some food and ensemble photography, and an updated wine list.

    Zach & Michel

  8. You are not losing your marbles; the Janasse was on our working list, wich was posted a touch early.

    Some products were taken off and replaced, all part of the set-up process.

    Working on getting another Janasse product, hopefully we can get our hands on it.

  9. Brunoise will open Wednesday, May 28 at 5:30pm.

    Please visit our website for info. The site is 99% complete. It will be worked on continuously-so keep checking.

    Our wine list will be posted very soon.

    Since the menu will change often, the posted menu might not be exactlly the same.

    Please feel free to ask any questions about the restaurant

    Zach & Michel


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