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  1. I think the organizer realized soon enough that chefs ( as in head chef or chef owners) would not be dupped so easily, and that's why he targeted mostly young cooks for his following events, asking for cash up front and then not delivering...

    After paying with a company cheque, asking for a proper receipt and refusing a "special" lunch request, I was never contacted again for any of the following events; I guess I made his life difficult...

    "Qui mala agit odit lucem"

  2. I attended the Will Goldfarb seminar, as did several other chefs, caterers and at least one journalist from La Presse. If everyone there paid the requested fee (somewhere around $200.00 cdn) then it would appear that we all fell victim to a not so revolutionary mind f...

    If Mr.Goldfarb, the first invitee, did not receive is due, it's unfortunate that some of his colleagues had to suffer the same fate.

  3. Former Executive Chef of Water's edge in Canberra, Darren Vaughan, has been appointed Executive Chef of the Sydney Tower restaurant; the restaurant is under refurbishment and should reopen in August to a new look, and most importantly, new tastes.

    Any comments on the location, the restaurant's previous reputation and it's new potential under Chef Vaughan.


  4. The tapas are served on small plates, pieces of tile and slate.

    The approach is "modern spanish", as described by the owners who where previously involved with Casa Tapas.

    The Bar seats around 8 or 9.

    Go try it out...

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