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  1. Hi Baudouin, I did not know the Belgians invented 'French' fries. Do you love mayonnaise on fries as much as the Dutch do? I'm a Kiwi living in Bristol UK and wondering if the weather in Brussels can be as bad as it is here where I also spend a lot of time on cooking projects and sourcing reasonably priced commercial equipment from a local catering company that has a clearance warehouse. So far we have picked up 2 commercial 4 kW Bonnet induction hobs, a 30 litre rice cooker that I turned into a sous vide water bath with a Home made PID controller, several bain maries, a commercial citrus juicer, a Santos electronic dosing coffee grinder, commercial Kitchenaid stand mixer, a massive 370mm commercial Avery Berkel meat slicer and a fantastic Elegen Sfera chamber vacuum packer capable of packing 15 litre bags. All good fun in the name of domestic cooking bliss but it is beginning to take over our small apartment! What have you found so far?
  2. My first Anova IC was a lemon. Bought it November 2013 and joyfully unboxed it and set it up with a 12 litre polycarbonate container for some 36hr pulled pork ala Modernist Cuisine to find within an hour the unit was cutting out and resetting itself without any indication from an alarm that this had happened. Restarted it and the same happened again and again. Luckily Anova sent me a new one to the UK free of charge and marked as a gift so no taxes to pay this end. The second unit has behaved itself so far and love it. I've tinkered with the first one but haven't as yet got to the cause of the problem although it might be moisture getting into the unit through incomplete sealing of the lower half of the unit. Refitting the main circuit breaker worked for a while but it's back to it's old tricks. Anyone else had the same problem? Amazon US shows one other with the same problem ( check 1 star review ).
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