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  1. I haven't really bought anything for a while, but with bars being closed I figured I've probably saved enough to make it worthwhile. The Mezcal is just for mixing, seems quite similar to Vida. The Raicilla I've tried in Hacha, London, where they pair it with either an IPA or a small amount of the spirit with CBD oil floated on top, both are fantastic. I had to get myself a bottle. I'm hoping the foamer will be worth the outlay, it's not cheap at £25 but for occasional sours this should be more convenient and cost effective than eggs or aqua faba.
  2. I've just made this, it was nice, predictably quite manhattan-ish but I liked the sweet notes. I might try it again with my peanut infused bourbon in place of the rye.
  3. RT @DawnHFoster: Look, just because the Young Tories want to gas you, doesn't mean you shouldn't be friends with them, be mature about this.

  4. I put together a sour with poitin, coconut syrup, lime and aqua farbe with mole bitters on top. I was really pleased with how well the poitin and coconut played together. They were gone too quickly for a photo but my friends have dubbed this the poitina collada so no doubt I will be expected to mix up another batch at some point.
  5. Just a little martini. This is made with Wild Beer Co's sleeping lemon gin, one of a batch of I believe only 20 bottles, distilled by Bristol's psychopomp distillery. The botanicals include preserved lemons as well as lemon grass & lemon balm. It's a really lovely, salty citrus forward gin which makes an interesting martini. Garnished with home made preserved lemons. It was, as you might expect, very lemony.
  6. I was experimenting earlier this evening, a whiskey sour with biscoff syrup. The biscoff gives a really silky mouthfeel but the bourbon overwhelmed the biscuit flavour. That was our third drink, after two clover club variations with Swedish preserves, so I didn't get chance to try with a less assertive whiskey.
  7. The rum was Clement Blanc, with the green label. The syrup was just 1:1 with flat champagne and cane sugar if I remember correctly.
  8. I had a fantastic agricole daquiri at Kester Thomas in Copenhagen this weekend, using a house made champagne syrup.
  9. RT @TheBlackGate: .@LabourEoin Contacted the party SIX times, each time I was told I could vote - no ballot arrived. Purge by stealth.

  10. RT @jessicaelgot: Momentum come out swinging for @C4Dispatches - airing tomorrow night https://t.co/ejDbr3tqeK

  11. When does traffic on Prospect Street ever get to #20mph?? Surely promoting other routes would be more effective! #caversham

  12. @cowfields I think realistically people do think that way but they also want things only a left wing position can provide.

  13. Lighter and stranger than any dipa I've tasted before. - Drinking a Crooked Moon Fruity dIPA @ The Bishops Arms - https://t.co/Z4mgQRK47R

  14. RT @totalfooty: @huntywbafc I'd even sorted out Enzo Maresca to come over & play..! Go figure..!

  15. Thrilled with speculation that Pulis might be unhappy at #wba. Not thrilled that he's sabotaged our transfer dealings in the process.

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