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  1. RT @DawnHFoster: Look, just because the Young Tories want to gas you, doesn't mean you shouldn't be friends with them, be mature about this.

  2. Drinks! 2017

    I put together a sour with poitin, coconut syrup, lime and aqua farbe with mole bitters on top. I was really pleased with how well the poitin and coconut played together. They were gone too quickly for a photo but my friends have dubbed this the poitina collada so no doubt I will be expected to mix up another batch at some point.
  3. Drinks! 2017

    Just a little martini. This is made with Wild Beer Co's sleeping lemon gin, one of a batch of I believe only 20 bottles, distilled by Bristol's psychopomp distillery. The botanicals include preserved lemons as well as lemon grass & lemon balm. It's a really lovely, salty citrus forward gin which makes an interesting martini. Garnished with home made preserved lemons. It was, as you might expect, very lemony.
  4. Drinks! 2017

    I was experimenting earlier this evening, a whiskey sour with biscoff syrup. The biscoff gives a really silky mouthfeel but the bourbon overwhelmed the biscuit flavour. That was our third drink, after two clover club variations with Swedish preserves, so I didn't get chance to try with a less assertive whiskey.
  5. Rhum Agricole: The Topic

    The rum was Clement Blanc, with the green label. The syrup was just 1:1 with flat champagne and cane sugar if I remember correctly.
  6. Rhum Agricole: The Topic

    I had a fantastic agricole daquiri at Kester Thomas in Copenhagen this weekend, using a house made champagne syrup.
  7. RT @TheBlackGate: .@LabourEoin Contacted the party SIX times, each time I was told I could vote - no ballot arrived. Purge by stealth.

  8. RT @jessicaelgot: Momentum come out swinging for @C4Dispatches - airing tomorrow night https://t.co/ejDbr3tqeK

  9. When does traffic on Prospect Street ever get to #20mph?? Surely promoting other routes would be more effective! #caversham

  10. @cowfields I think realistically people do think that way but they also want things only a left wing position can provide.

  11. Lighter and stranger than any dipa I've tasted before. - Drinking a Crooked Moon Fruity dIPA @ The Bishops Arms - https://t.co/Z4mgQRK47R

  12. RT @totalfooty: @huntywbafc I'd even sorted out Enzo Maresca to come over & play..! Go figure..!

  13. Thrilled with speculation that Pulis might be unhappy at #wba. Not thrilled that he's sabotaged our transfer dealings in the process.

  14. Late check in. Fairly nice, if bland. - Drinking a Holy Joe by @Yatesiowbrewery at @iwlifestyle — https://t.co/0dLltoRB0f

  15. RT @BobSmithWalker: Seems only other party we're allowed to express admiration for without being purged is The Tory Party https://t.co/hfMI…