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  1. thanks for all this work, everyone. one question, as i'm still learning with pie crusts: how do you roll your crusts into a nice circle like that? i roll mine from the center down, and do a quarter turn every few rolls, but i feel like my crusts are still sort of rectangular, and can be hard to fit into a plate. any tips?
  2. me too. it makes me kind of nauseous. it's weird. but i also like mint tea and leaves...
  3. lisp and spit? do you know anyone with a pierced tongue?
  4. just wanted to add my thanks too. Wendy, it's awesome that you're so humble, but really, your work is beautiful. don't doubt your talents!
  5. i love this commercial too. wtf? "chocolate mousse" is hersheys' syrup and cream? i love the australian dude too. it's just a great time all around. hey, it's 1:30 in the morning, i should check and see if it's on right now...
  6. i made a risotto the other week with ruby chard (leaves and stems) and goat's gouda, it was quite good. :)
  7. awwwww, babies (and kitties!) Lincoln Log is a great name for a cheese. thanks for doing this, Tammy.
  8. you shouldn't be embarrassed, Maggie, that's pretty awesome. i love reading while i eat. often i sit at the table with book/magazine/computer. i also love my bed... or couch. of course, if there's guests or it's semi-special, we sit at table (and/or around the living room if there's a lot of us).
  9. thanks for the info, Craig, i'll have to check it out.
  10. i'm eating a plain ol' tuna melt right now. i'm enjoying it with a glass of sherry. weird, maybe, but it's good to me.
  11. thanks for doing this. i miss france. it will be great to read this blog.
  12. i'm really glad to see you blogging, Daddy-A. vancouver's forum has become so active, and it really seems like a great place to eat/live. i'm looking forward to reading about daily life in the area. thanks!
  13. just some simple, crispy quesadillas with cheddar and sautéed spinach... sometimes they taste so great.
  14. of course, i agree, but i live here.... portland is a small-ish city, but it has plenty to offer, and most in biking/walking kind of distances. aside from the pearl district, the southeast, northeast, and southwest are areas of good eating.
  15. thanks for posting pictures of the dinner, Chufi. i'm glad it went well, it certainly looked great.
  16. we had dinner at a restaurant in town called "lovely hula hands:" an awesome pomegranate molasses, lime, and sauza tequila cocktail (called "talulah's bathwater" ), a salt and pepper calamari appetizer, and a painted hills beef burger. it was all really good; i couldn't choose only one delicious thing.
  17. thank you for blogging, Chufi. it's so enjoyable to read about your life in amsterdam. during my brief visit to your city a few years ago, i loved the sprinkles that you can put on bread, they made me happy. i notice they don't make up a part of your breakfast ritual, though.
  18. Upthread someone mentioned molten choc. cakes, and it made me think that I personally find individual desserts very "wow." There's often something more impressive, in my opinion, about individual cakes, tartlets, or whatever, than with one large cake/tart. Sometimes I just take recipies for sweet or savory tarts and make them tartlets, or do decorated cupcakes instead of cake... you could definitely go the miniature, individual dessert route. Chufi, I always enjoy your postings in the dinner thread, you make impressive things for everyday meals, so whatever you decide will be delicious I'm sure. You should post pictures in this thread for us, if you have time and inclination!
  19. Nice post-- thanks for your thoughts. Although I don't have the Alton Brown books, and I'm not very familiar with him, I've found it really useful to learn some of the chemistry that goes on while we cook. Brown may not be good for recipies and such (I have no idea), but as a companion to books that you really like to use, like JOC and HtCE, food science is something I've started to learn and find extremely helpful. I have Harold McGee's "On Food and Cooking: the Science and Lore of the Kitchen," and it's an awesome reference (you can find lots on him, and a Q&A, on this site)-- now, when I screw something up (all the time), I can look in McGee and know a little more about why, chemically, these things happen. Likewise, when I'm curious about why something works well, I can do the same. So, Alton may end up being one of those cookbooks that you read in bed and harvest interesting information from that will supplement the recipies you get from other books. Just my opinion. Congratulations on beginning to cook!
  20. I live quite close to Gravy and have been going there for awhile--it's definitely one of my favorite breakfast spots. Another thing I love about Gravy, at lunch or dinnertime, is their gravy fries: thin, crispy fries in a soup cup that has an inch of (meat) gravy at the bottom. The bottoms of the fries get a bit mooshy in the hot, thick gravy. It's a yummy, crispy twist on mashed potatoes and gravy.
  21. "We'll stop the world and melt for you..."
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