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  1. thanks for all this work, everyone. one question, as i'm still learning with pie crusts: how do you roll your crusts into a nice circle like that? i roll mine from the center down, and do a quarter turn every few rolls, but i feel like my crusts are still sort of rectangular, and can be hard to fit into a plate. any tips?
  2. me too. it makes me kind of nauseous. it's weird. but i also like mint tea and leaves...
  3. lisp and spit? do you know anyone with a pierced tongue?
  4. just wanted to add my thanks too. Wendy, it's awesome that you're so humble, but really, your work is beautiful. don't doubt your talents!
  5. i love this commercial too. wtf? "chocolate mousse" is hersheys' syrup and cream? i love the australian dude too. it's just a great time all around. hey, it's 1:30 in the morning, i should check and see if it's on right now...
  6. def. check out the Farm Café too.
  7. i made a risotto the other week with ruby chard (leaves and stems) and goat's gouda, it was quite good. :)
  8. awwwww, babies (and kitties!) Lincoln Log is a great name for a cheese. thanks for doing this, Tammy.
  9. you shouldn't be embarrassed, Maggie, that's pretty awesome. i love reading while i eat. often i sit at the table with book/magazine/computer. i also love my bed... or couch. of course, if there's guests or it's semi-special, we sit at table (and/or around the living room if there's a lot of us).
  10. thanks for the info, Craig, i'll have to check it out.
  11. i'm eating a plain ol' tuna melt right now. i'm enjoying it with a glass of sherry. weird, maybe, but it's good to me.
  12. thanks for doing this. i miss france. it will be great to read this blog.
  13. i'm really glad to see you blogging, Daddy-A. vancouver's forum has become so active, and it really seems like a great place to eat/live. i'm looking forward to reading about daily life in the area. thanks!
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