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    scotch whiskey

    Yep, and a rerun of which just aired this past Friday; in the same episode, Tony eats a deep-fried Mars bar and sez he likes it.
  2. The color of the eggs depends upon the breed of chicken; I get a lovely pastel rainbow assortment (no Depression glass in my house, alas! ) from the egg folks at a local farmers' market. As to which breeds lay which color eggs, perhaps sparrowgrass can enlighten us.
  3. Ditto baked beans! In my recipe, not only does the bacon kick in around the 4th day, but the bourbon and chipotle hot sauce do as well. And Mexican charro beans also get better the longer they sit. On topic, sort of: some folks are known to be virulently anti-leftovers (there are several in my family), never going near any comestible the day after it has been cooked/served. What's up with that??
  4. Oh I hope they don't because then I risk rationalizing it too. Ditto Xanthippe, I'd reckon. You reckon correctly, KNorthrup: Ditto me! The West Coast oughta be represented at this shindig, don't you agree??
  5. Xanthippe

    Dinner! 2003

    Uh, I must ask an idiotic question: What differentiates high calcium water from other water? How does the mineral impact the taste of, in this case, asparagus?? Your dinner photos always leave me drooling on keyboard, Steve!
  6. Black bananas, so black the fruit is halfway-to-fermentation. For the sugar high . . .
  7. Xanthippe

    Stuff in my Fridge

    I'd thought the same w.r.t. the adobo reacting with the aluminum -- perhaps individual heavy-duty plastic packets would be an alternative? And Soba's, right, SWW: start with very small amounts of chipotle and gradually increase over time. Your partner's taste will adapt, and soon he'll be asking you to kick that salsa "up a notch"!! Oh, and claire797 has a recipe in the archive for a great chipotle and bacon cornbread. Make a batch of that, but use one rather than three chiles to start; and be sure to seed it well.
  8. Fat Guy: Nina Planck's article deserved publication. I did indeed note in the bio section that HarperCollins intends to release a book-length version; I also read the same information at the end of the recently-run "Stone Soup" article. And I suffered no illusions that the viewpoint was representative of anyone other than Nina.
  9. Yes, yes. Tofu I'll gladly eat, but soy milk sets my teeth on edge just typing the words! Almond milk, on the other hand, is quite tasty . . .
  10. Mr. Varmint, sir, it's my mama who lives in New Hampshire -- I live on the Central California coast. Pretty far from pig pickin' country, don't you reckon?!?
  11. Xanthippe

    Stuff in my Fridge

    So will I. Thanks from me, too, Anna N.!
  12. I like you just fine, sparrowgrass, but I also adore grits! Do you like polenta?? St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake, wilted lettuce salad, cabbage fried up with bacon, country ham, and Mississippi Mud Cake: on these we can most definitely agree!! Maggie, please add another five books to our total . . .
  13. Chef/Writer Spencer -- Your wine dinner dessert sounds mouthwatering.... 1) "dueling melon soup" -- does that mean two types of melon? What did you use? 2) Is this a recipe manageable by a rank amateur? If so, could you please steer me to it? Thanks! (I guess it's time to clear out the freezer to make room for the ice cream maker can...) Add me to the list, please -- I'd love the recipe when you've finished your current project. And I know just where to go to get wonderfully fresh marscarpone . . .
  14. So do I, tommy, so do I. Attending this event would make me happier 'n' a pig in shit!
  15. Wow, a prize? I just might win!! So what if my mama's no longer in Durham (with all due respect to her, of course)?!? Perhaps I can find a way to make it to the pig pickin' . . .
  16. Still-warm-from-the-griddle corn tortillas . . .
  17. Sounds similar to the Bittersweet Chocolate/Chipotle ice cream made by a local purveyor. Really quite something. Every year someone makes a garlic ice cream at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, which I understand is highly overrated (the ice cream -- but the festival isn't all that great, either, IMO). I've not had it the ice cream . . .
  18. Spoon, fork, fingers -- whatever gets the luscious stuff into my mouth as quickly as possible!!
  19. A young lad named Armisted Auger, Favored copious foam on his lager. To the barmaid he said, “Give me plenty of head.” Whereupon she karated his schwagger. And, if I'm allowed another try: Young Fred, who lived west of L.A., Tried to beef up his bratwurst last May. Adding peppers and spice, He ground everything twice -- Now he takes a Viagra each day.
  20. Great wine down your way, 'tis true -- the reds, especially. Lovely deck, btw; looks something like ours, only we live amongst the redwoods, with nary a thorn tree in sight.
  21. Hey, these look cool, Jim. Available where??
  22. How I wish I could join you all at the pig pickin'! Why, oh why did my mama up and move from Durham to New Hampshire??
  23. Omigosh, awbring, I'm having that very thing right now!! Unreal . . . A couple apricots and a handful of cherries sit nearby and will be consumed when I finish the spicy mix.
  24. With dinner, a glass of wine. Always -- well, almost always. And filtered water with a lemon or lime wedge. Socrates has a beer during the week, drinks wine with me on weekends.
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