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  1. Believe it or not, they have those in China, too! Some of Europe has it to. I find it quite disgusting.
  2. Spetsnaz47

    Top Chef: New Orleans

    Cool song about the top chef show.
  3. Spetsnaz47

    Top Chef: New Orleans

    That's good to know. Thanks. I'm team Nina Nick Louis in no particular order. :-P
  4. Spetsnaz47

    Top Chef: New Orleans

    Out of curiosity, how is this a secret? So far you were able to watch lck online right after the end of each episode. Isn't it the case this time?
  5. Spetsnaz47

    Coffee Makers

    200 seems excessive. I use 84 C; the lowest I've seen people go is 82C. At that temperature the coffee comes out perfect. There are those laboratory looking coffee makers that use vacuum; my dream is to get one ;-)
  6. The beef I used was from a milk breed of cattle. Btw. over 90% of our beef comes from milk cows, it's tough to buy anything better than that; for angus beef etc. you have to go online. When I was in UK, the simple 21 day aged beef sirloin from tesco was much better than anything Iv'e had here (and I've supposedly had the best home product). Regarding the pork, aren't you afraid of trichinella? Here we are paranoid about it and are taught to basically overcook it.
  7. Thanks once again. It came out wonderful; so tender and juicy. Ps. For some reason I don't seem to be able to edit my previous post, my apologies for the double post.
  8. Thank you very much. Today is not my lucky day, 2 bags leaked on me in a row; I had to clean up the bath. Onto making roasted beef marrow.
  9. Could you guys recommend me temperature to cook beef shin? I stupidly started preparing everything before doing any research first... One source I checked recommends 68* C though it seems way too high to me. PS. Marry Christmas!
  10. FYI, I fill up my tank (I built my sous vide with an inegrated bath) with 10 - 25% vinegar and all that lime goes away. I'm also using a heating element from a household appliance (RV hot water tank), and the lime buildup can get out of control. Thanks for the tip! I will perhaps try it with a less smelly acid. The SV bath is in the same room as I am.
  11. Do you know if it's avaiable to buy as an ebook? The paper book plus the shipping costs would equal to what I spent on my SV setup .
  12. Hello everyone. I am excited to join you in the sous vide journey. I made a simple sous vide setup. The bubbler (not on the picture) is not built in. Heater is meant to be used in washing machines. Lime that's visible on the heating element comes from testing. Water bath is 3 gallons, however since the heater is 1800 W it will easily handle more if need be. The temperature stays within 0.1 Celsius of the set value. Today I shall try cooking chicken. I will try to be more coherent then :-)