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  1. Very good ones listed. Appreciate it.
  2. Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring
  3. Ana that really looks good. Great job on making them. If you don't mind please provide a detail recipe for those of us interested in making some as well!!!!
  4. This definitely looks awesome and I am sure it tasted really good too. Can you provide some more information on the sauce you used. Even though ingredients were listed how did it turn out and did it go well with the sandwich? Appreciate it.
  5. I must give this a try. Sounds truly delicious.
  6. Cheers... Had not seen this bottle before.
  7. Looks great... How long did it take to cook?
  8. Very interesting piece of information you have shared here. I was not aware of this. Do you know how long this has been going on and what are some of the motives for such action?
  9. There has always been fraud amongst organic foods being offered at various places. This is specially true when some try to abuse the name and the healthy notion it brings to take advantage of the consumers.
  10. Indeed a great post.. Thanks for sharing all this great info. I will be using a trick or two from what has been mentioned in making my future preparations!
  11. Welcome. I been here for a while too but do not post that much. Interesting subject for me and have been a long time lover of chocolate. For now I am residing in south east Asia so I do not get that much of a chance at chocolate!!!!
  12. I will be trying this... Thanks for sharing.
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