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  1. What "Food Shape" would you recommend for pork belly? Chop? Seems to be the closest approximation. And measure the thickness of the belly. Right? I calculate 2:34 for my 60MM thick belly to reach doneness at the core @77C. But I will probably go longer to better convert more gel.
  2. I have made the burnt sugar pudding recipe twice. The first time I used Minute tapioca pearls and even though they clumped at the bottom of the Vitamix, everything gelled well. Perfect. The second time, I had trouble dissolving all the caramel in the milk and it took too long to stir it in, thereby reducing the heat of the milk to the point where I don't think it cooked the eggs and hydrated the tapioca flour (not Minute this time) properly. I wonder if I over blended the mixture and caused the egg protein/starch bond or emulsification to fail. Anyway, this second batch did not gel. So I heated it up to try to re-hydrolyze the tapioca starch, but alas, the stovetop was too unwieldy and the temp jumped from 150 to 200 in the blink of an eye and some of the product curdled. I tried cooling to room temp in ramekins anyway, despite the symptoms of overheating, and now the ramekins are in the refrigerator, not looking like they will gel up. Oh well, too many errors in this run to make it to the podium. I will try the Migoya method. It's funny, I came across that post recently looking for something else. By the way, is there a better place to be discussing IIF recipes? I have the new Maximum Flavor and so far it has been spot on.
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