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  1. arjunkane

    Veal short ribs

    It's also favourite to me.two or three chopped anchovy fillets and slice also.how's it feel friends?
  2. arjunkane

    Alginates and Fruit Juices

    If you use orange juice then it will be clear and perfect.
  3. I really do certainly not make mozzarella dairy product, thus almost nothing to include upon of which, although I'll state of which vacuum-sealing a few obtained cheeses can easily completely ruin this flavor and also consistency. This will depend after this mozzarella dairy product, I believe although I recently got a couple scamorze caused to become inedible through vacuum-sealing.
  4. arjunkane

    Brisket - marinade - sous vide questions

    Good to know Matthews!
  5. arjunkane

    Dinner! 2013 (Part 5)

    Ore ore what a dinner!!man i like it.Like chicken pizza,flavour is awesome,I wish i could get this.
  6. arjunkane

    Heating with Microwave vs Stovetop

    Here is my thought..... One distinction is usually that the microwave usually works by using along with waste items a lesser amount of power in comparison with other way of cooking. Additionally it is an effective way associated with protecting your nutrients in veggies, as those people steamed inside microwave lose a lesser amount of vitamin supplements in comparison with those people boiled or perhaps conventionally steamed.
  7. arjunkane

    Getting ready to roast a chicken

    I have the same query like patrickamory .Hope i will get here something new.wait for the response.Thanks
  8. arjunkane

    La Caja Cooking

    Wow,i can't believe it.It's wonder ful.I lost my words to say something...Thanks a lot.