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  1. Any suggestions to who producers this mold?
  2. Maybe this one —> https://www.kunstogkokkentoj.dk/da/product/forme-og-bageudstyr/silikoneform-truffles5
  3. My guess is a layer af danlsh pastry with a generous layer of remonce and a little vanilla custard. Then you place the danish pastry “snails” (direct translation of what they are called here in Denmark) on top of that. I can dig out the recipe for remonce that we used at the pastry school if you like?
  4. In the link it says a lot of remonce and a little vanilla custard ... (I’m from Denmark) 😉
  5. Strawberry pie. (Almond shortbread, almond/marzipan filling, thin chocolate layer, marzipan ring, vanilla custard, fresh strawberries, applegel and chopped pistacios).
  6. Interesting. Whats the name of the company?. I live in Denmark myself 😉
  7. My first try with the “hyped” dendrites 😉 (not the best photo quality - iPhone5) ...
  8. Christmas Santa ... To be broken into pieces and handed out to the kids in the shop next friday alongside chocolate presents. Will post a picture of the finished presentation - sometime next weekend.
  9. Can't really remember where I got this picture from, but who do you create that gold effect? NOT the center gold ribben - thats pretty straight forward ;-) ...but the "marble" effect. Gold dust with some sort of liquid/alcohol? Anyone?
  10. 1) Lemon meringue Tarte 2) Strawberry Tarte 3) Chocolate muffin with white chocolate ganache flavoured with raspberry
  11. The "batter" is molded by hand and baked in the oven at 180 degrees celsius. Eggs, finely graded coconut, suger and marcipan (and a little bit of lime). Mix and mold by hand.
  12. Left to right - coffee & white chocolate - caramel & milk chocolate and shortbread - nougat & haselnut crunch - Maple syrup & dark chocolate
  13. Coconuttops (direct translation from Danish). Snack made at work last Week ;-))
  14. WOW ... Those are truly a work of art - masterpiece material. Must take forever to get the colouring effect though?
  15. Mandarin ganache with crunchy insert with cocoa nibs.
  16. Oh wow - would love if you could reveal your secret to make this type of marble effect, Keychris ;-) ... Thanks in advance
  17. A little late, but these was made as christmas presents for family and friends. Mango/passionfruit and white chocolate ganache Salted caramel Goatcheese and lemon thyme ganache Hazelnut praliné with homemade fuilletine Grand Marnier mazipan layer and orange ganache layer
  18. Hi there, Could it be something like this (Danish: æblefisk = directly translated to applefish): http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-8Z9XequS8Ek/ThHSMkKNRlI/AAAAAAAAE-Q/Z-dvOEIlttc/s640/juli2011+046.jpg It's danish pastry (called wienerbrød in danish) filled with apple marmelade.
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