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  1. The only real recommendation is to read up on the boards (and in the book) about dishes which pique your curiosity and order accordingly. Another valuable tip would be to eat as little as possible the day before and day of your reservation and then order more than you need so that you can sample a greater variety. Enjoy!
  2. This could be the worst thing to come from Canada since Celine Dion!
  3. Unless you start drinking more or stop buying ageworthy wines you might have bought too small a unit for your needs.
  4. IMHO any unit with a capacity of 100 bottles or less will fill up before you know it. Better to shoot for a 200 + bottle unit even if it sounds huge at present.
  5. I have a 220 bottle Vintage Keeper which retails for about $1200. I have had the unit for close to ten years without any problems (except for a blown compressor that they happily replaced). It has some open space at the bottom which is great for magnums or other large formats. see their website at www.vintagekeeper.com
  6. It is indeed part of the Moishe's family. The atmosphere is fun and the food is good. I wish them all the best in the new location.
  7. It is the new project of Pete Morentzos of Queue de Cheval, MBco, & Trinity.
  8. If I am not mistaken the former chef from Paesano opened up Restaurant La Gioconda on Decarie. You could always contact them and ask for the recipe: contact@lagioconda.ca
  9. try posting on the Toronto, Ontario, and Central Canada board...
  10. Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where everyone gets a perfect meal rather than only those who look like the restaurant critic?
  11. I'm not sure how it works for Americans bringing wine with them... sorry. ← Two bottles per adult.
  12. They usually have them at the fish store at the Atwater market.
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