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  1. I am glad I canceled my Sansaire order and got a couple of Anova's last month. It looks like the Sansaire won't be released until Jan 30, according to their website.
  2. 4 posts to bash the Anova (didn't even own one) then gone....
  3. "I believe such a cooker can be made around $120.00, if a roaster oven can be made under $60.00 and a digital pressure cooker can be made around $100.00." There you go. I am sure you will get tons of backing via Kickstarter.
  4. The Anova ran for over 36 hours non- stop and the stick is just warm, not hot at all. On the other hand, the Cambro is almost as hot as the temperature I set.. ..I didn't cut a 3 1/4 hole as suggested but I cut it to measure and I cut out a little square piece in the back to fit the flange. The lid was pretty easy to cut, you just need a really good pair of scissors. I used a rotary tool kit (dremel) to smooth out the edges. It is pretty air tight.
  5. My guess is no. When it doesn't even have a switch to turn off, doesn't have a timer and is underpowered, The touch screen on the Anova is another reason why I bought it. You can do a lot more with a screen. If you put a lid on as one usually does to prevent evaporation and heat loss, the screen is not exposed at all to moisture or heat and should last a long time. You also know which version of the firmware is running.
  6. Did that for both units multiple times before I posted, thank you very much. Why, do you own one and is yours off?
  7. Which version of the firmware was running the Anova? , According to Anova Jeff, 2.01 fixed the temperature bug. Both of mine are 2.01 and they are spot on..
  8. You probably paid $75 for international shipping - that is FedEx 2-day. Anova Jeff wrote somewhere in this thread that they used to assemble the Sous Vide only after they received an order (took one week) and shipped out twice a week. That is no longer the case. I am surprised that the Black is back ordered. That was the only color available when I got my first one. Yes, I cancelled my Sansaire order and got a second Anova. I was doing eggs and thought that the timer was really useful and the Sansaire doesn't have one. I also like stainless steel more than plastic. I needed a second one because I was SV'ing a Porchetta (30 hours) and I wanted to have a steak in the meantime...Hopefully, that is it.
  9. Based on the availability of the color, (Red is not in stock at the moment), usually the next business day before 4 PM Houston time.
  10. Step away from your wallet and definitely don't order the yellow submarine... No, no yellow sub and no Nomiku. This is it until I know what I am doing. Could be a while.
  11. Thanks guy/gals.for the advice and encouragements. I started my SV cooking this AM. Duck confit. Only because I am familiar with this. Then I hope I can tell the difference in taste and consistency with the traditional method, but probably not. I will try the egg when the Anova gets here Wednesday.
  12. Just to tell you how crazy I am. I ordered a Sous Vide Supreme demi last week and it arrived today. But in the meantime, I started reading this thread and convinced myself to get an Anova as well. Anova shipped today and should be here next week. Now, I will have two, plus another one (sansair) shipping on November 18th and I have yet to cook anything sous vide. Help!
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